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  • David J Marks


Happy December, at last I can start buying mince pies, I resist them from the middle of October when they appear on the shelves at Marks & Spencer, in my epicurean and gastronomic opinion the puff pastry ones are the nicest.

OMG another terrorist attack in London, innocent people injured and killed by a deranged radicalised nutter, it makes me so very angry. The only good thing is that the attacker is no more, he was subdued by brave selfless members of the public and then as he reached for what looked like a suicide belt he was dispatched by our courageous police officers, good riddance. Delighted to know that tax payers money is not going to house him, feed him, clothe him, keep him warm and secure him whilst he would have served what would have been a whole of life sentence in prison.

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Germany Frankfurt

Eva and the team at Cornerstone Meetings part of Germanyinsight have told us that there are two major European Pharmaceutical congresses being held in Frankfurt next year.

EULAR Frankfurt 03.06.2020

EHA Frankfurt 11-14.06.2020

Both of these congresses are very well attended and event space, hotels, transport services all get booked up very quickly indeed. If any of your clients are attending these two events and need event space, accommodation, ground services etc. may I suggest that you contact Eva on your clients behalf as soon as possible, Frankfurt will be full.

That’s it you’re all up to date. Enjoy the first week of December and I guess a busy week of corporate Christmas parties

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