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  • David J Marks


Good morning hope all is well, so it’s double figures for Monday morning , clearly I’m referring to my favourite subject, the weather, only just double figures at 10 degrees this morning, better than over the weekend, although still damp and that’s an understatement.

I hope you had a good weekend, last week of November guys which whilst it brings us a month closer to Christmas and the New Year, it also brings us a month closer to my favourite month April, when the days get longer and the days get warmer. I’m not wishing my life away whilst April is my favourite month it’s also my worst month as I have to add another year, I’m really not looking forward to becoming forty, I would like to stay 37 years old all my life, to be fair I have been 37 years old for a least the last 15 years.

The political party manifesto have been published but still my preferred early morning literature is the back of the cereal packet, it makes more sense.

IBTM Barcelona was fun, saw lots of DMCs that we represent and recommend, it’s such a nice industry filled with lovely people, saw some great clients, some wonderful strategic partners. Roll on IMEX in Frankfurt next May.

Finally as we are nearing the end of November it is time to wish all our friends across the pond a very happy Thanksgiving.

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I’m out and about this week with our wonderful DMC from Germany, Germanyinsight. Eva, Valentina and Marvin are in town and we are hitting the road, I so prefer that to being in the office. As well as being out on the road visiting clients the Germanyinsight team have asked us to sort of a fun, eco sustaining limited footprint event for our clients on Wednesday evening this is very “on message” for Germanyinsight when it comes to events Germanyinsight managers they try very hard and succeeds most of the time to operate sustainable events.

We have still got a few more spaces for the event at the famous and very green restaurant in Notting Hill, The Farmacy we kick off at 6PM this Wednesday evening 27th November, if you can join us please call Sandra on 020989629562 or reply to this e mail we all would love to see you there, it’s a pretty cool place.

Germany Frankfurt

Eva and the team at Cornerstone Meetings part of Germanyinsight have told us that there are two major European Pharmaceutical congresses being held in Frankfurt next year.

EULAR Frankfurt 03.06.2020

EHA Frankfurt 11-14.06.2020

Both of these congresses are very well attended and event space, hotels, transport services all get booked up very quickly indeed. If any of your clients are attending these two events and need event space, accommodation, ground services etc. may I suggest that you contact Eva on your clients behalf as soon as possible, Frankfurt will be full.

That’s it you are up to date, wishing you a great week ahead

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