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  • David J Marks


Greetings from London W10 on this sunny morning, make the most of it an autumn week is on its way. A warm welcome to the Monday morning email, I just have to mention what a beautiful week of weather we had last week dry, sunny, warm, outstanding in fact. I wonder what this week will bring, I have got a sneaky suspicion actually I have looked at the forecast, it’s going to be wet, it’s going to be wet and it’s going to be autumn. I kind of get resigned to tough out the autumn and winter, it has to be done and I just talk myself into a “grin and bear it” frame of mind, when somebody says to me, oh I really like winter, the first words that come into mind is bonkers.

OH dear Thomas Cook, such a sad day for so many people, air crew, ground staff, hoteliers, souvenir sellers, taxi drivers, restaurants, bars, ground operators as well as DMCs. The ripple effect of Thomas Cook going under is enormous.

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IMEX Las Vegas

Do you follow me on Instagram? Are you a friend of ours on Facebook? If you are, you will have seen me in a photograph with perspiring DMCs Pascal of Nacara DMC France and Claudia of Mi Malta. We all took part along with James of The J Team Japan in the IMEX 5k run which started at 6.30 in the morning on IMEX Wednesday. The great thing about 6.30AM in Las Vegas it was 23 degrees bright and sunny. Getting up at 6 o’clock to go for a 5k run in that kind of weather is no hardship, the hardship is actually running the 5k but we all did it and we all enjoyed it. If you want to see the photograph, let me know or alternatively follow me on Instagram.

South Africa

Brad and the team at The Inside Edge have told us that Tuesday is a Bank Holiday in SA - Heritage Day, they will all be back in the office on Wednesday.


Lina and the team at Visit Morocco have told us there’s a new hotel opening in December, the Oberoi Marrakesh is opening a new luxury hotel. The resort is spread over 28 acres with a great view of the snow-capped Atlas Mountains, with 84 rooms, suites and villas with private pools and gardens. If you have an event in Morocco, Lina and the team would be happy to help.


We are doing a Business Development Event to Malta with Mi Malta in November, I’m looking forward to seeing Erika, Helga, Claudia, Doug and the Mi Malta team as well as all our lovely clients. If you need more info on Malta or assistance let me know.

That’s it you are up to date wishing you an awesome week, keep the brolly handy you are going to need it.

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