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  • David J Marks


Monday morning greetings from London W10, hope you had a great weekend. Looks like the Indian summer is continuing, quite a nice weekend of weather we had in fact Saturday was hot.

I had great weather last week, I was in Las Vegas at IMEX, about seven hours into the flight I though to myself this is a really long way to go for three full days on the ground but I’m really glad I went, IMEX was excellent. I met up with Bettina and Maike from Germanyinsight Camonsite, James from The J Team Japan, Clem from C Florida, Pascal from NACARA DMC France, Menno Meyer from Phenix South of France and Monaco, Beth of Details NYC New York, Manuel and Susanne from EPIC Group Mexico. I also met up with a number of DMCs that MM and Company work with and recommend from places such as Amsterdam, China, Singapore, Korea, Belgium and lot of other places. Three very worthwhile days in Las Vegas, I think three days is more than enough even though the weather was amazing 35 degrees dry, sunny and hot just the way I like it. Las Vegas is a totally bonkers place but great fun for, as I said three days, if I was to stay any longer it would be because I wanted to laze by a pool to top up my tan. The other thing about Las Vegas you have to have great will power and self-control (which thankfully I believe I have) otherwise the gambling bug could consume you very quickly indeed. I played black jack with Leo a great friend of mine twice, both times for about an hour I won $130 the first time and $80 the second, I selectively played the slots and came out even due to one win of $486 that I collected, trousered and walked away, result 😊

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Next month Marek and Maros of Enjoy Slovakia are hosting a site inspection business development trip in Bratislava there is lots of new developments in Bratislava. If you need assistance in Bratislava please let me know.


Quetzal Motivo Panama for regular readers of my Monday morning blog will know how much I believe Panama is an amazing destination. Whenever I talk about Panama to our clients I’m asked if there are direct flights, as yet there aren’t but Air Europa flying via Madrid, I did a test buy London – Madrid – Madrid – Panama economy £550, that’s pretty good value. I know everybody wants to fly direct but believe me Panama as a destination is worth the changing of planes in Madrid. Hocine, Arno, Nathalie, Pauline and the team at Quetzal Motivo would love to see you in Panama and of course Costa Rica, Honduras, Belize and Nicaragua.


We are doing a Business Development Event to Malta with Mi Malta in November, I’m looking forward to seeing Erika and the team as well as all our lovely clients. If you need more info on Malta or assistance let me know.

IBTM November

I’m planning for IBTM in November, my plane ticket is booked and so is my hotel. I will be meeting up with Eulalia, Mathilde and the team at TA Spain. For assistance in Spain let me or the team know if you need anything.

That’s it, you’re up to date, wishing you a great week ahead.

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