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  • David J Marks


Good morning wishing you a very happy Monday morning. I hope you had a great summer or perhaps are still having a great summer even though in meteorological terms Autumn has started. The weekend weather was great a little chilly in the morning but not for very long, the sun is shining this morning its warm but not hot in a July August manner of speaking. My Tel Aviv tan is fading fast however I have not as yet packed the shorts away.

Is this the week we all get back normal, OK a question. Does anyone in the UK know what normal looks like in these days of BREXIT end game, ahhh but is it BREXIT end game, we will only know when the BREXIT lady sings I guess. What an “omni shambles” to quote “The Thick Of It” which I am re watching it is if you have not heard of the program a political satire show. I am of course talking about normal from a work in the conference, incentive and event industry point of view, we at MM and Company together with the DMCs we represent and work with have been busy putting your client’s requests into proposal but not much has been operating, a few inspections and a few meetings but nothing of real substance.

Oh dear the poor citizens of The Bahamas they and their paradise Island are getting a proper bashing from hurricane Dorian a category five hurricane they don’t get much worse than that 185 miles per hour winds, seems like Miami has dodged the bullet this time, some of Florida will I guess get some dreadful weather for a few days then once that is over it will be back to normal, dry and sunny weather that Miami Orlando and Florida is famous for.

Oh before I forget I won’t be sending a Monday morning e mail next week (ha relief all round) as I shall be flying to Las Vegas for the IMEX show, it’s a tough gig but someone has to do it, all I can say is

Viva, Viva Las Vegas.

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IMEX Las Vegas 2019

IMEX is early this year, I’m going, flights have been booked, hotel has been booked, I’m now booking lots of appointments. If you are going to be there it would be great to meet up. So far the DMCs that MM and Company represent are as follows;

Malta – Mi Malta Booth A4017

South of France & Monaco – Phenix Events Booth B3629 Japan – The J Team Booth B4425 Germany – germanyinsight (Camonsite Berlin office Booth B3832) New York – Details NYC Booth C2836


Menno of Phenix Events has been in touch with some great rates in Cannes for the second half of October 2019

  • Singe room rate, per room, per night from 185,00 € (Majestic Barriere) / 125,00 € (Gray d’Albion) *** including VAT.

  • Twin room rate, per room, per night from 205,00 € (Majestic Barriere) / 145,00 € (Gray d’Albion) *** including VAT.

*** rates subject to availability , city tax in supplement

About the Majestic:

  • An icon of elegance and luxury, just opposite the Palais des Festivals with close to 400 rooms

  • Majestic’s assets: a wide range of small and large meeting rooms, a covered beach restaurant, impeccable service, creative and high quality banquet catering !

More about the Gray d’Albion:

  • Ideally located between the seafront and the main shopping area, just off Cannes’ Croisette, with just over 200 rooms

  • Gray d’Albion’s assets: efficient meeting facilities, excellent service and food and beverage

Want to know more? Please contact Phenix Events:

That’s it you’re all up to date.

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