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  • David J Marks


Good morning I hope you are well and hummmm I was going to say enjoying the summer although summer weather has not really quite arrived except for that Saturday a few weeks ago when it was very hot, the weather has been just about och and vey as my Mum would say.

I hope New Orleans manages to cope with Hurricane Barry, thinking about our UK weather we are located in a very “Och and Vey” weather area it’s never terribly good also it is never terribly bad, looking at what places like New Orleans, India, Bangladesh and the like have to cope with we are very lucky, however a few weeks of unbroken sunny weather would be nice.

So how was your weekend? My Sunday was spend with an amazing bunch of people that I worked with between 1984-1988 when I worked at the Sheraton Sales Centre, it was kind of strange to see lots of people I knew some I hadn’t seen for well over 30 years and none of us had changed at all just proving time is a relative thing clearly we all had got older but none of us had changed.

I’m the first to admit that I’m not fanatical about sport although I do enjoy watching a landmark final or two. This weekend was well, pressure pressure, pressure in sport as well as an incredible weekend of sport. The final of The Cricket World Cup Congratulations to the transformed World Champion England cricket team, The Wimbledon Men Final, congratulations to Novak Djokovic such an epic match well what I saw of it, it was a shame that Federer had to lose or perhaps come second, the Women’s Wimbledon final never really got going congratulations to Simona Halep a Wimbledon Champion sadly or perhaps luckily for Simona Serena never really got going. Congratulation to British Grand Prix winner Louis Hamilton I guess he was determined yet again to win the British Grand Prix in front of a home crowd again! Yes again twice in one sentence. The Netball World Cup has started hosted by the UK, it’s all going on.

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Japan No news is good news, the good news is that this week we have a visit from James Kent of The J Team DMC Japan. We are looking forward to welcoming him to the office for an update on Japan. They have a few sporting years ahead of them, the Rugby World Cup this year and the Olympics next year. James has also told us that today (Monday) is a bank holiday in Japan. If you need anything urgently please let us know.

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