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  • David J Marks


Loud, proud Monday morning greetings from London W10, the Monday after London PRIDE Weekend hope you’re well. I’m delighted to say on my Monday morning email “another glorious weekend”, it’s not often we have consecutive glorious weekends, but we have and talking of glorious, I had a few glorious days in Stuttgart last week.

A very quiet news week, the two top Tories are still battling to be the next Prime Minister, Brexit is still being baffling, Archie has been christened, Archie???? OH come on yes Harry and Meghan’s little boy. All the top Europeans are almost in situ, they have been chosen but still have to be confirmed by the European Parliament. The Women’s England Football team battled it out with Sweden to come 4th in the World Cup, Johanna Konta is still battling Wimbledon. Finally poor California, two earthquakes in three days but no injuries so that has to be good news.

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Germany Germanyinsight DMC, the DMC MM and Company has been representing since 2010 have been getting interest in the Germany’s secondary cities such as Bonn, Dusseldorf, Cologne, Hamburg, as well as the country’s main stays of Berlin, Munich and Frankfurt, so I decided to take a look at Stuttgart for myself. Direct flight from Heathrow, great hotels and a city centre that is compact and walkable.

A few days in Stuttgart has to include a visit to the Porsche factory or Mercedes factory it is not to be missed. I went to the Porsche factory I describe it like a bit like motor car Lego, parts are bought in from all over the world and in Stuttgart they put the cars together in the right order to construct the cars. It’s very interesting half day, so next time you and your clients decide on Germany and if you find Berlin or Frankfurt full, Stuttgart is a good option. You can see my pictures if you follow me on Instagram.

Whilst most of our DMCs at the moment aren’t operating they are all crazy busy with new requests from our amazing clients, thank you very much for keeping us busy, busy, busy.

Well that’s it you are up to date, have a great week ahead, if you are going on your hols have a great time.

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