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  • David J Marks


Monday morning greetings from London W10, I hope you're well. I hope you ad a great weekend and that you did not get blown away by the very gusty weather, How was your weekend last week? I wonder if it was as eventful as my week, if you follow me on Instagram @mmandcompany you will have seen some interesting photographs from my day out on Thursday up the M! to Leicester with Marek of Enjoy Slovakia DMC. I was travelling north planning to get off at Junction 11 to visit Marks & Spencers, I always go here to get our wonderful clients cakes, cookies and fruit. Just coming up to Marks & Spencer on the service station at Junction 11 cruising along at 80 miles an hour ( don't tell the cops maybe it was 85), the car took a thump, severely shake and well to make an understatement the card did not travel in a straight line. I thought hello, this doesn't seem right, I limped off the motorway to Junction 11 service station. A tow truck arrived an hour later, at my request the driver took me to a number of tyre specialist in Luton. My car has low profile run flat tyres so not everyone stocks them. i finally found a dodgy tyre place with an almost identical tyre with somebody that could change the tyre, The tyre was removed from the wheel rim it revealed a 9 inch bolt had done through the tyre and punctured the wheel rim itself. I think i can say I dogged a bullet and got away with it, I think it could have been a lot worse. If you want to see the pictures let me know or follow me on Instagram. Such sad news from Ethiopia with the crash and total loss of all on board, it just goes to prove that we must all live today and enjoy today who knows what tomorrow will bring.

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Slovakia Had a great week with Marek of Enjoy Slovakia, whilst I know he is the Managing Director of the DMC we represent, eh is also a thoroughly nice bloke. He knows that Bratislava is a new destination on the conference and incentive circuit, he also knows that Bratislava is one of those destinations that will be selected when a client wants something new, something different and something extremely cot effective and that is Bratislava in a nut shell. Malta & Mauritius Claudia of Mi Malta DMC and Stephane of Connections DMC Mauritius will be visiting us for sales calls later this month. if you are interested in these destinations, please let me know. Malta Mi Malta will be hosting a Business Development trip ( posh name for a FAM trip) to Malta in June if you feel that you need to know Malta first hand and want to join us on the trip please let me know. Greece Nassos of AME Greece has told us it's a bank holiday in Greece on Monday, let me know if you need anything in a hurry and we will get it done for you. I have to tell you something, it's lovely to see Greece, Morocco and Istanbul busy again, makes it all worthwhile.

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