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  • David J Marks


Happy end of half term greetings on this fine almost spring like Monday morning. OMG don't look now but Friday it will be 1st of March! St David's Day "yachi dah" as the Welsh will say. Have you been skiing? Have you been seeing relatives for half term or did you go to the sunshine somewhere exotic like Bali, Cancun or even South Africa, maybe Morocco? My half term was spent in the depths of Paris with Pascal and the team of Nacara Destination DMC. When we started with Pascal and the team at Nacara I went on a site visit, I hadn't been to Paris for probably fifteen years, pascal and the team took me everywhere, we went in a luxury limo (of course), we went on a tour of Paris in a VINTAGE Citroen 2CV (deux chevaux), it was a proper site inspection, so lots of venues, hotels, etc. etc. On this occasion I decided I need to know Paris better so I walked and I walked and I walked, on average I walked fifteen kilometers a day, just looking at this destination, feeling the city, I know Paris a lot better. We were quite busy over half term, there are a number of destinations that are making a comeback that for some reason another had fallen of the top ten list of destinations the C&I community must go see. Morocco (see below) and Istanbul, also got a new request for Russia which has actually reconfirmed my faith in continuing to sell and promote all these destinations although to be honest I always knew they would bounce back, I never lost faith in them, beside the DMC we represent in each of the aforementoioned destinations are full of warm and wonderful conference and incentive professionals people that have become friends, destination choice is cyclical they always come back eventually.

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Morocco The Duke and Duchess of Sussex Harry and Meghan the couple of the moment have decided to go visit one of the most fascinating, genuinely authentic, amazing and super cool destinations in Northern Africa, Morocco. Despite the fact that Lina, Habib, Rachid and the team at Visit Morocco DMC are not involved in their trip I am sure it will be very successful. Slovakia Marek of Enjoy Slovakia DMC will be visiting us in the next month, we would be happy to give you an update on Bratislava, just let me know. Malta & Mauritius Claudia of Mi Malta DMC and Stephane of Connections DMC Mauritius will be visiting us for sales calls next month. If you are interested in these destinations, please let us know. Mi Malta will be hosting a Business Development trip ( posh name for a FAM trip) to Malta in June if you feel that you need to know Malta first hand and want to join us on the trip please let me know. South Africa The Inside Edge Across Africa has just run an amazing trip in Rwanda and we have got a great program, the trips starts landing at Kigali Airport an overnight stay then a short 40 minutes flight to Kamembe Airport to start a real African adventure, which will include a canopy walk experience in the Nyungwe Forest National Park as well as an early morning trip to see the Chimpanzees in their natural habitat. Then it is back to Kigali the Capital for a city tour which will include the Kigali Genocide memorial and the Inema arts gallery. included in the program is a scenic drive to Musanze and Volcanoes National Park, a visit to the Ibyi Iwacu tribal village as well as, of course, a visit to the world famous Mountain Gorillas, for more information on this trip or for a sample program please contact me or Brad at The Inside Edge.

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