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  • David J Marks


Monday morning greetings from London W10, was it spring last week> Four consecutive, crisp, clear, sunny days chilly at the beginning of the week but really nice warm weather on Thursday and Friday, no doubt it's a false spring but a week like that in February, that will do, not complaining at all. Guys do not rush to put your winter coats, hats and gloves away remember this is the UK and its is mid-February.

I had a great few days with Eva, Maike, Malin and Valentina of germanyinsight, such lovely DMC people, mind you I don't work with any other type of DMC people, we had a great week.

Did you hear about Fly BMI? OK a small airline but it has gone bust, not a good sign, according to the news they are blaming it on Brexit. I think this could only be the tip of the iceburg.

I hope you had a lovely Valentines Day, the post bag to my house was so heavy it put the post man's back out, I'm paying for his chiropractor. Sandra has just read this, can't tell you what she said something along the lines of "in your dreams".

DMC News * MM and Company News* Destination News*

Slovakia Marek of Enjoy Slovakia DMC will be visiting us in March, we would be happy to give you an update on Bratislava, just let me know.

Malta & Mauritius Claudia of Mi Malta DMC and Stephane of Connections DMC Mauritius will be visiting us for sales calls next month. If you are interested in these destinations, please let me know.

Mi Malta will be hosting a Business Development trip(posh name for a FAM trip) to Malta in June if you feel that you need to know Malta first hand and want to join us on the trip please let me know.

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