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  • David J Marks


Monday morning greetings from London W10 I need answers, what was going on with the weather last week? Warm, cold, bit warmer, cold, freezing cold then almost spring like, a summary of what the weather was like last week. Tuesday and Wednesday was freezing cold, Friday was an absolutely beautiful day, sunny, lovely and even warm. Hey, I turned the heating down which is something I never do in January. Friday was a sad day, I went to a funeral to say goodbye to a lovely client of MM and Company and our DMCs, sadly Graham died far too young, he was only 72 years old. He worked with our DMCs in Turkey, Russia, South Africa and Florida, those are the destinations I can remember, he was a prolific traveller and a great friend(friend and client) I took Graham on a business development Event (posh name for a FAM) to Africa what he didn't know about Africa wasn't worth knowing. I always agree with the ancient fathers saying "every cloud has a silver lining", I met up with some Graham's friends and ex colleagues at his funeral, great people lovely to see them again. I would like to quash a rumour that has reached me from a couple of very good friends in the industry, Adam has joined MM and Company in a senior position to strengthen our business. For sure he has no joined MM and Company to enable me to take a back seat, in actual fact if anything, I'm going to take more of a forward step in concert with Adam. Two people phoned me up last week and asked if I was planning to retire, with two teenage daughters, one looking forward to me buying her a car when she turns 17 later this year the other one loves clothes shopping me hoping they will go to university, should I go on? Retirement is so far away from reality it is not true, if anything I'm going to need to get another job just to stay on top of their financial requirements. Let me state categorically, I am working and will be working for many years to come, problem is I enjoy our conference and incentive industry far too much to give it up. I am hosting a business development trip to Mauritius next Monday, give that up? NEVER!

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Germany Eva, Valentina and the team from Germanyinsight are coming over early February to make sales calls and meet some past, present and future clients here in the UK, we are very much looking forward to seeing them all. If you are interested in meeting with them for an update on Germany do let me know. Japan James, Geraint and The J Team in Japan are totally delighted with the result of the Australian Open tennis where the Japanese tennis player Naomi Osaka won the tournament and became the World Number One women's tennis player.

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