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  • David J Marks


Good Morning, I hope you had a great weekend, Happy Monday. Such great weather on Saturday morning, it was a lovely day and a horrible damp, wet, cold, typical November evening it was however it was a perfect Sunday morning for Remembrance Sunday at The Cenotaph in London.

The 100th Anniversary of Armistice that ended the first World War on the 11th hour of the 11th month, 100 years ago yesterday. I wonder when the politicians decided on the 11th November 1918 whether they actually worked out the 100th anniversary would fall on Sunday, yesterday? It was supposed to be the war that ended all wars, I wonder how many wars are going on in the world right at this moment.

I watched the commemoration on TV with my 92 year old Mum, who served in the Women's Royal Navy towards the end of World War Two. She was in the communications office of Dover Castle, she remembers often being asked to make phone calls on behalf of various senior officers she would start the phone conversation by saying "Dover calling, Dover calling".

There is no doubt about it, we Brits do military commemorations and military parades very well indeed.

A question, was England unlucky or were The All Blacks very lucky indeed I think the All Blacks were very lucky.

I spent last week with Erika, Managing Partner of Mi Malta DMC going up and down the country, Manchester, Milton Keynes, London and Windsor. On Thursday night I had the pleasure of entertaining clients with Brad Glenn, Managing Director of The Inside Edge Southern Africa. Needless to say, Erika of Mi Malta joined us with ten clients. It was a great evening, well I thought so, I had fun, I also had an espresso martini, Nobu makes the very best espresso martinis I have ever had.

This week is going to be another busy week for me, I am travelling all other London on Monday and then to Leeds on Tuesday and Wednesday, meeting clients, travelling with me is a great hotel partner and friend, Bruno, celebrating the Mexican festival the Day of the Dead. We will be meeting clients on behalf of Manuel, Susanne, Carol and the team of The EPIC Group DMC who have offices in Cancun, Mexico and Los Cabos, Bruno works for The Unico Hotel in Riveria Maya, just an hour from Cancun Airport and The Hard Rock Hotel in downtown Cancun.

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Austria I'm looking forward to meeting up with Martin, Evelyn and the team at e+o meeting, event & travel management GmbH the DMC we have been representing since 2012 so looks like it's going to be another crazy, busy week which is just the way I like it. IBTM Barcelona 27th - 29th November I will be attending, will you be there? If so, do let me know. Our runners and riders so far are: Budapest, Microcosmos DMC - G20 Japan, The J Team - H80 Mi Malta - D30 Visit Morocco - K70 Panama, Quetzal Motivo - L60 TA DMC Portugal - B82 Enjoy Slovakia DMC - D15 Valentina, Maike and Bettina of Germanyinsight Berlin will be at the show, not exhibiting but seeing people do let me know if you want to meet with them.

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