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  • David J Marks


Monday again guys, I really hope it turns out to be a great Monday for you. I understand the weather last week was not too bad in London, Saturday and Sunday were certainly a sparkling days in London. Wouldn't it be nice if the autumn and winter was like this past weekend.

I was at IMEX in Las Vegas last week, the weather was dry and sunny but for the first two days there was a very chilly wind blowing through the city, I had to buy a jumper. My trip home from Vegas was interesting I flew home via Calgary on West Jet, direct flights were outrageously expensive. The trip itself was good only two hours in Calgary till my flight to Gatwick. We landed twenty minutes early, my luggage on the other hand landed a day late, no big deal it was delivered to my front door. I collected my car, checked the traffic good job I did the M23 and M25 both had problems and were resembling an NCP car park, I drove through London got to Victoria heard a pop from the engine smoke/steam started pouring from the bonnet of the car, I turned off the main road, stopped the car, determined that the smoke/steam was actually steam so no danger of the car catching fire. It was 1.30PM I called BMW emergency service to collect the car. At 3PM thought I would call again having heard nothing from them. I was told the pick-up truck would arrive to collect the car at 7.30PM. To be honest I had lost the will to live by then, I asked them no better put I told them to collect the keys from my home in MW6 then to collect the car from SW! and deliver it to BMW garage I use in NW5, they agree to that. I went home via a car hire place ( part of the BMW Emergency deal I pay for)and picked up a hire BMW till my one is fixed.

Will Lewis Hamilton win the USA Grand Prix in Texas and the F1 Championship? Guess we will know very soon.

DMC News * MM and Company News * Destination News*

Malta Erika, Helga and Douglas and the team at Mi Malta DMC did an absolutely amazing job at showcasing Malta to nine of our awesome clients a few weeks ago. Erika will be visiting the UK on sales calls next month so if you're interested in learning more abut Malta please let us know.

South Africa Brad Glen Managing Director of The Inside Edge Southern Africa will also be visiting the UK next month, so if Southern Africa is a destination you want to know more about please let us know. I say Southern Africa but the Inside Edge have extensive experience of working in other countries in Africa, Zambia, Mozambique, Rwanda, Nigeria, Zimbabwe the list is long as is their knowledge of the workings of these African countries.

Austria We had one person cancel their attendance on the Vienna Business Development Event with Martin of e+o meeting,event & travel management GmbH so if you are interested, let me know.

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