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  • David J Marks


Happy Monday, I hope you are well and that you had a great weekend, can Monday be happy? Sure they can especially if you wake up and the sun is shining and the weather is warm, hopefully that will be the case when I wake up in Las Vegas on Monday morning I will be there attending IMEX exhibition, so bearing in mind that on Sunday I am leaving home at 6.00AM to drive to Gatwick to get aboard the Virgin Atlantic flight VS43 to Las Vegas I am writing this on Saturday night whilst Hannah's 14th birthday party is in full-swing downstairs. Twelve 14 year old boys and eighteen 14 year old girls are downstairs ( I am upstairs hiding :)), eight large pizzas have just arrived it needed two motor bikes to bring them to the house. I have lost count of the packets of crisps, Haribo sweets, chocolate bars and other stuff that has been consumed so far and the night is still young. I have a question, well several really but here is one of them. Has the Continental Shelf on which The UK sits shifted? I think it has judging by the fabulous weather we had from Sunday through to Friday last week. I could have imagined we were in Malta, Morocco, Athens, or even Mauritius. Each day was a sparkling sunny, dry, and warm day. Although all things considered i.e. mid October this coming week the weather isn't looking too bad for the UK, its looking great for me in Las Vegas all week the forecast says it will be sunny and 25 degrees C not too shabby :). Whilst I will be inside the IMEX exhibition hall, my hotel is a twenty minute walk there and guess what, a twenty minute walk back. I will be enjoying Las Vegas sunshine I can guarantee you I will not be taking a taxi back to the hotel. Talking of IMEX if you happen to be in Las Vegas with half an hour to spare, I would love to catch up with you, my mobile is +44 7710031475, let's meet.

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IMEX Las Vegas Are you going to IMEX Las Vegas? I am, I have booked my hotel and flight so I am all set to go. I have even got my ETSA sorted. So our declared DMC Runners and riders for IMEX are:

Cancun - EPIC DMC Mexico - booth Number D2646 Central America - Quetzal Motivo, Panama & Central America - Booth Number D2249 Florida - C Florida Hospitality - Booth Number B3430 France - Nacara Destination Management France, South of France & Monaco - Phenix Events - Booth Number B3527 Germany - Camonsite ( part of germanyinsight) - Booth Number B3832 Japan - The J Team - Booth Number B4623 New York - Details NYC - Booth Number C2836 Malta Erika, Helga, Douglas and the team in Mi Malta DMC did an absolutely amazing job at showcasing Malta to nine of our awesome clients a few weeks ago. Erika will be visiting the UK on sales calls next month so if you're interested in learning more about Malta please let us know. South Africa Brad Glen Managing Director of The Inside Edge Southern Africa will also be visiting the UK next month, so if Southern Africa is a destination you want to know more about please let me know. I say Southern Africa but the Inside Edge have extensive experience of working in other countries in other countries in Africa, Zambia, Mozambique, Rwanda, Nigeria, Zimbabwe the list is long as is their knowledge of the workings of these African countries. Austria We had one person cancel their attendance on the Vienna Business Development Event with Martin of e+o meeting, event & travel management GmbH so if you are interested, let me know.

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