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  • David J Marks


Greetings from London W10, hope you're well and I hope you had a good weekend despite the rather iffy wet weather.

There is no doubt about it, the weather has changed, on Friday I left the house to go to a sales meeting at 8.30 in the morning, and it was the first time for a good few months that I thought "oh it's a bit chilly" and I went back to get my jacket.

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Japan James and his colleagues at The J Team DMC Japan have told us that today is a bank holiday in Japan due to the Autumn Equinox. It is also a traditional time for the Japanese people to visit the family tomb to clean and care for it, a sort of Asian Day of the Dead but knowing it will be in Japan very respectful. The J Team will be back in the office as normal tomorrow.

Southern Africa Brad and the team at The Inside Edge Southern Africa also have a bank holiday called Heritage Day today, Erfenisdag in Afrikaans, the intention of Heritage Day today is for all South Africans to celebrate their heritage, the diversity of their beliefs and traditions and to remember their struggle against Apartheid. Brad and the team so they will be back in the office as normal tomorrow.

Cape Town South Africa Did you know, that Cape Town has taken over from number of Capital cities as the most affordable destination from the United Kingdom. The Mother City is rated the most affordable out of 34 international resorts and cities in the annual Long-Haul Destination Report, which is conducted by the UK's Post Office Travel Money.

Due to the Rand's continuing weakening, it has allowed for a drop in expenses for international travellers. The rand has dropped by 20% compared to the 2017. The research found that UK tourists would pay an average of £30.33 for a three-course meal for two and a house bottle of wine, which costs approximately R590. British nationals would pay £1.31 approximately R25,50, for a cup of filter coffee and £1.44, which equates to R28, for a local lager at a bar. According to the research Tokyo remains the second cheapest place to travel for UK nationals. Seychelles was found as the most expensive city to visit.

South of France & Monaco Had a great visit from Menno Meyer of Phenix Events South of France and Monaco, he was over for the C&IT black tie dinner, did you go?

IMEX Las Vegas Are you going to IMEX Las Vegas? I am, I have booked my hotel and flight so I am all set to go.#

So far our declared DMC runners and riders for IMEX are: Cancun - EPIC DMC Mexico - Booth Number: D2646 Central America - Quetzal Motivo, Panama & Central America - Booth Number D2249 Florida - C Florida Hospitality - Booth Number B3430 France - Nacara Destination Management France, South of France and Monaco - Phenix Events - Booth Number B3527 Japan - The J Team - Booth Number B4623 New York - Details NYC - Booth Number C2836

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