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  • David J Marks


Welcome to Monday morning I hope you had a great weekend with not too much fottie.

I’m sure I say this every week but I can’t believe how quickly last week went, the year is disappearing and what’s worse the Summer is disappearing far too quickly, to my mind it hasn’t really started we get two great sunny warm days and four rubbish weather days.

To all our friends that observe Ramadan, I hope that it was a good and healthy Ramadan for you and that you enjoyed the Eid celebrations after Ramadan.

Have you seen all the funny videos going around of Kim Jon Un and Donald Trump I have one that every time I see it I laugh it is so clever the idea is as well as the fact that someone has taken the original video of the two leaders and mucked about with it If you haven’t seen it and want me to send it to you let me know.

So the World Cup has kicked off, ha ha see what I did there 😊 I was watching the BBC coverage of the World Cup opening, the shots of the iconic landmarks that make up Russia was very well done; the Kremlin, Red Square, St Basil’s Cathedral, the amazing architecturally beautiful underground system, St Petersburg’s rivers, canals and lakes, the Hermitage, St Catherine’s Palace, the Admiralty’s golden spire along the river, just showcased what a magnificent architecturally rich and stunning country Russia truly is. I’m hoping that these images will re-instate Russia to the conference and incentive market place, putting politics and Putin aside, Russia as a conference and incentive destination has been overlooked for a number of years, I hope the World Cup will put a stop to that.

DMC News* MM and Company News * Destination News*

The Meetings Show 27th – 28th June 2018 We will be at the show in two weeks time and looking forward to seeing you there, I cannot wait for you to see the design we have come up with this year. I think it’s super cool and would be delighted to hear your thoughts when you visit us on the stand. The number you need to remember is F302.

Dubai Sai and the team at SNTTA Emir Conferences and Incentives Dubai and Abu Dhabi have told us that yet again the UAE has got THE biggest fastest tallest coolest something in the world this time it is a ZIP LINE Sai tells us that the longest zip line on earth is called The Jebel Jais Flight, for booking at an exceptional rate please let Sai and the team know at SNTTA

France Pascal, Audrey and Anne of Nacara DMC France have told us about a venue now claiming to be Europe’s largest restaurant at 4,500m2, central Paris’s new tree-dotted food hall La Felicita includes five kitchens, three bars, football screenings, festival space and numerous glass-roof terraces.

Leyla and Hannah's twitter and witter part of the Monday morning e mail

If anyone can do drama my eldest daughter Leyla can do drama big time. She had a five hour art exam last week, for this art exam she had to make a doughnut, to begin there was a trip to Hobby craft to buy a glue gun and beads to decorate said art work. Fifty quid later we came out with all the necessary equipment to get her an A star with nobs on for her art work, she prepared the doughnut at home out of newspaper, tissue paper and various other stuff. She painted it at home, she also painted the kitchen table, her clothes, her hands, arms and legs and the chair. She took all this stuff into the school, she came home from school exhausted in a stroppy mood and it took the patience of a saint to get her to go to her Maths tutor “Daddy I’m not going to the Maths tutor, do you have no sympathy for me, I have just had a five hour art exam”. She went on the condition I drove her there and back G-d forbid she should get the bus, she really likes her Maths tutor Yula, I picked her up from the Maths tutor she was a different child no longer in a strop. I have yet to see the final art piece.

Hannah has been nagging me to give her £45 to have her eyelashes, I think it’s tinted or it might be curled. Apparently the beauticians use some kind of chemical, chemicals, eyes, doesn’t sound like a good idea so I told her she’s not getting £45, I told her that and she looked at me and said in a very straight and calm voice “you know I’m going to get them done don’t you Daddy”. She gets pocket money and if that is what she wants to do with it, so be it. Hannah went to the beauty place and was told she needed to have a parent with her to get it done guess who got the job?


That’s it you are up to date, wishing you an awesome week ahead.

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