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  • David J Marks


Happy Monday, is that a contradiction in terms? Can Monday be happy? sure it can, I quite like Mondays. I hope you had a lovely weekend, the weather was great sunny, dry, warm not a drop of rain that kind of weather works for me.

Another bonkers world news week we had last week, a murdered Russian journal came back to life, the US and North Korea nuclear summit came back to life. Meghan Markle started her new life working as a Royal.

GDPR OMG, how many emails did you get talking about GDPR? I'm still deleting them, I can't remember ever signing up to receive newsletters from Mrs Periwinkle's Hedgehogs hospital, neither do I remember signing up to the knitting club of Nuneaton. I have unsubscribed to all of them so GDPR compliant. If you are getting this email and you don't want it let me know, there I go again being GDPR compliant.

DMC News* MM and Company News * Destination News*

Austria and Mauritius Stephane Louise of Connections DMC Mauritius and Martin Hodi of e+o meeting, event & travel management GmbH Austria had a great week last week in the UK, it's a funny old thing you mention Austria and our conference and incentive clients say oh my goodness, Austria Vienna, I love that place, it doesn't always come to mind though. I'm convinced following Martin's visit here Austria will come to mind far more often which has only got to be a good thing.

As to Mauritius, everybody knows Mauritius and lots of people have been there and operated there which is great. We visited lots of clients who have put Mauritius forward but not operated so there is potential out there which is more good news.

The Meetings Show 27th-28th June 2018 MM and Company have agreed to take a stand at the Meetings Show, the number you need to remember is F302. Our exhibition stand will be very photo heavy, we would love to see you there then you can see what I mean.

Leyla and Hannah's twitter and witter bit of the Monday morning e mail

The girls were off last week, Hannah till Thursday and Leyla the whole week. Hannah is so organised, she knew exactly what she was doing and when she was going to do it, meeting her friends, revise for exams with a friend in Stanmore or going to H&M and Lush to top up her clothes wardrobe and her cosmetic draw. On bank holiday Monday, Hannah announced do not talk to me tomorrow I'm revising all day. She had a science test last Thursday, is one day of revision enough? We will soon find out I guess.

Leyla gad exams just before half term, her revision statement to the family was do not wake me up, I'm a teenager and I need to sleep. I do not take her phone during school holidays, one day she must have beenup watching YouTube on the phone all night, the next day she was a complete pain, she disappeared at three o'clock in the afternoon and we didn't see her till seven o'clock the following morning, she crashed.

On Saturday my Mum wasn't well at all so my sister Nicole spent most of the day with her I visited in the evening having dropped Leyla off in Mill Hill at a friend's house they were all going to a party in Barnet. I went back home collected Hannah and we went to see Mum until it was time to pick Leyla up from the party. Sunday OMG what a beautiful day, due to Mum not being well I agreed to spend the day with her, instead of taking Leyla and Hannah to Westfield in Shepherd's Bush they were grown up and cool about that. Nicole and Nigel wanted to go shopping so I hatched a cunning plan "Nic why don't you and Nigel take Leyla and Hannah and go to Westfield they won't be a bother to you (ha ha little did she know) Nicole jumped at the chance to spend the day with her nieces, girls out shopping nothing better so it all worked out perfectly I called her three hours into the shopping trip and said "Nic you can ditch the girls if it is getting too much" on the contrary they were having a great day out. Sorted.

That's it you are now fully up to date.

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