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  • David J Marks


Happy Monday Morning, two weeks ago I put the lamb's wool and cashmere jumpers away quite pleased to see the back of them, winter and all that goes with it. The weather last week was so atrocious and chilly I took them back out again, the weekend was not just chilly it was cold, the heating was well and truly cranked up. Let's not even talk about how cold it is today. One of the great things about Europe is once it gets warm, it stays warm, not so in the UK.

It was lovely to see the leaders of the two bits of Korea getting together and shaking hands, I thought it was North Korea that was starving with no food, by the looks of the two leaders, the North Korea leader needs starving and the South Korea leader needs feeding up, let's hope this is progress for the world and perhaps if after sixty odd years, the two bits of Korea can make peace with each other, it will lead as an example to the Middle East, I love a bit of hope :)

Amber Rudd, Home Secretary gone! Such a huge department how can only one person be totally on top of everything that goes on in it. Her error was not admitting she didn't know. That smug Diane Abbot on the opposition benches, I could never have become a politician I would have gone across The House and punched her lights out metaphorically speaking of course, I am a pacifist ask my girls.

Next Monday being May Day Bank Holiday there will not be a Monday morning email, Monday morning e mails on Tuesday just don't seem right somehow. BTW looks like we might have better weather for this coming Bank Holiday.

DMC News* MM and Company News * Destination News*

May Day Whilst our May Day bank holiday is next Monday a lot of Europe has May Day Tuesday off as Workers Day, we are sensible in the UK, we shift it to a Monday so everybody gets a long weekend. So answer from our DMCs in Europe may be a little delayed next week.

IMEX Frankfurt Is coming up real fast being held in Frankfurt from 15th May - 17th May, so far the DMCs MM and Company represent who will be at IMEX are as follows:

Cancun: EPIC Group Stand Number B100 Central America: Quetzal Motivo Stand Number: B140 Cyprus: Honeywell Incentives Stand Number B140 Germany: Germanyinsight incorporating Cornerstone Meetings and CAMONSITE Stand Number: F100 Malta: Mi Malta DMC Stand Number D120 Morocco: Visit Morocco Stand Number: D510 Portugal: TA DMC Portugal Stand Number: E205 Slovakia: ENJOY SLOVAKIA DMC Stand Number: G270 Slovenia: Dekon Group Stand Number: C320 Turkey: Dekon DMC Stand Number A400

Japan James and the team at The J Team has told us that it is their Golden Week, which started at the end of last week and runs though to Sunday 6th May, their offices will be closed most of the week. So if you're interested in Japan please bear in mind that responses will be slow.

Austria and Mauritius In a few weeks' time Martin Hodi of e+o meeting, event & travel management GmbH and Stephane Louise of Connections DMC are coming over to make sales calls and meet some past, present and future clients here in the UK we are very much looking forward to seeing them both. If you are interested in meeting with them for an update on both Mauritius and Austria do let me know.

Leyla and Hannah's twitter and witter bit of the Monday morning e mail

Yet again I have had to take Leyla's phone away from her as she seems incapable of regulating the usage of her phone. On Tuesday I took her phone away from her at 1 o'clock in the morning. On Wednesday she came back from school and she looked exhausted, I went to call her for dinner at 7 o'clock and she was asleep on her bed in her school uniform. Leyla "put your pyjamas on" I didn't even invite her downstairs for dinner. I went back up at 10 o;'clock, she was still in her school uniform, still fast asleep. Friday morning I woke her up at 7 o'clock, she had changed into her pyjamas some time during the night, a small development. Hannah on the other hand goes upstairs at 9.30 plays on her phone till 10PM, lights out and she passes out.

Hannah went to her Cheerleading group as usual on Sunday I dropped her off at 9AM Leyla said she would come for a run with me I said "with pleasure, I am leaving at 9.15AM be ready". She wasn't, I went to Regents Park at 9.45AM the phone rang it was Hannah she had an accident, she fell badly and hurt her wrist can I come to Cheer to pick her up and sort her out. I ran back home picked up the car collected Hannah from Cheer, she was sitting on her own with an ice pack on her arm looking very sorry for herself. Oh I should add Hannah likes nothing better than a drama a hospital visit and a bandage. I am of the school of thought that says "can you wiggle your fingers" "Yes" OK nothing broken, get on with it. Driving home I could envisage the lines at the A&E department of St Mary's hospital together with a five hour stay to get Hannah checked out that she would scupper us going to Mum's to celebrate her 92nd birthday.

Off we went to EA&E and the extra E is for Expensive Accident and Emergency department of t John's and St Elizabeth's Private Hospital in St John's Wood. After all, I justified to myself, that is why I go to work. Far too many hundreds of pounds later she emerged, the X Rays showed nothing (thank G-d) but I knew that before she went in. Hannah had a splint on her wrist and a story to tell her mates in school this morning. For me I am just further away from being Mortgage Free.

That's it you are up to date, wishing you an incredible week ahead

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