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  • David J Marks


Warm delicious summery type greetings from London W10, good morning I hope you are well and that you have a lovely outdoorsy type weekend. What a fabulous day of weather for five days on the trot starting on Wednesday, sunny, warm, dry, just lovely. As I looked at the weather forecast I thought ohhhh nooo I am flying to Bratislava leaving this awesome weather behind (and you know I love hot sunny, dry weather I need not have been concerned on Thursday and Friday as I was enjoying the kind and generous hospitality of Maros and Marek of Enjoy Slovakia DMC and the lovely Slovakian people, the weather was amazingly gorgeous, dry, sunny, warm and 28 degrees C absolutely perfect. We all ha a great time in Bratislava, it was clear to everyone on the trip that Slovakia is a great destination, we enjoyed the Danube river that flows through Bratislava we had some amazing slovak wines, the food was terrific, the hotel very five star we also saw some terrific four star hotels. I will be posting a full write up that will be on the MM and Company website next week.

Just so you know the weather collapses on Tuesday and we are back to April type weather 16 degrees and lots of April showers anyway it was nice whilst it lasted.

So that was a turn up for the books, the CIA Director flying over to North Korea to meet with Kim Jong Un during the Easter weekend, this is a great opportunity for Trump to be a REAL deal maker, let’s see what he does with it. Family and friends celebrated Yom Ha’atzmout Israel Independence Day on Thursday it was 70 years ago this week the state of Israel gained independence, a remarkable historic event, I wonder what the Middle East would look like if the peace loving people of Israel were not there.

I like football, I sort of follow it but I am not mad about it, although it is noteworthy that Arsene Wenger has finally bowed to pressure and resigned from Arsenal effective at the end of the season, so he goes and joins Sir Alec Ferguson out of pasture, good luck to him he has had a great 20 year run at Arsenal.

DMC News* MM and Company News * Destination News*

IMEX Frankfurt Is coming up fast, being held in Frankfurt from 15th May – 17th May, so far the DMCs MM and Company represent who will be at IMEX are as follows: Central America: Quetzal Motivo – Stand Number: B140 Germany: Germanyinsight incorporating Cornerstone Meetings and CAMONSITE Stand Number: F100 Malta: Mi Malta DMC Stand Number D120 Morocco: Visit Morocco Stand Number: D510 Portugal: TA DMC Portugal Stand Number: E205 Slovakia: ENJOY SLOVAKIA DMC Stand Number: G270 Slovenia: Dekon Group Stand Number: C320

Turkey Muge and the team at Dekon DMC Turkey has told us that they have a public holiday tomorrow for National Sovereignty and Children’s Day. So if you need anything from Muge and the team in Istanbul please let us know.

Budapest Hungary Agnes, Dori, Linda and the Microcosmos DMC team have also told us of a Bank Holiday in Hungary, they are luckier than Turkey, Microcosmos DMC have TWO days bank holiday on Monday 30th April and Tuesday 1st May. As ever if you need anything in a hurry from the team in Budapest please let us know here at MM and Company we will get it sorted with pleasure.

It occurs to me that next week we will say farewell to April and hello May! Lots of countries have May Day bank holidays i.e. 1st May, next Tuesday no not tomorrow next Tuesday, if I hear of any more Bank Holidays I will let you know.

Austria and Mauritius In a few weeks’ time Martin Hodi of e+o meeting, event & travel management GmbH and Stephane Louise of Connections DMC are coming over to make sales calls and meet some past present and future clients here in the UK we are very much looking forward to seeing them both. If you are interested in meeting with them for an update on both Mauritius and Austria do let me know.

Leyla and Hannah's twitter and witter bit of the Monday morning e mail

Shhhhhhh don't tell social services, we left Leyla and Hannah on their own (with my credit card and security number on the back) for the whole day on Saturday, ha! they could not believe their luck. I was working in Bratislava hosting a business development trip with eight wonderful clients. Ayse was off on her hols to meet her sister and some friends at a retreat in India (not sure what she is retreating from me probably) Mrs. M left at 7.00AM for her flight at 10AM from LHR I did not arrive into LHR till 8.00PM meaning I would not get back to the girls till about 10.00PM I was not too concerned however I had my Mum and sister on standby just in case, the girls on the other hand had Dominoes Pizza on standby or was that speed-dial as well as a succession of friends coming and going all day and evening.

Hannah called me several times during the day to get "permission" to do this or that, Leyla did not call at all. Hannah offered me a full resume of what she had done and planned to do, e.g. "Daddy I got up at 9AM had breakfast I cleared up everything I am going to do my home work now oh by the way Leyla is still asleep" the next phone call was "Daddy I am going to Waitrose to buy some snacks (I was going to point out that it is Shabbat and we do not go shopping on Shabbat but seeing as I was in Slovakia working I thought that comment a little redundant) then I am going to Primrose Hill park with some friends for a picnic, oh and Daddy Leyla is still asleep.

Hummm Leyla still asleep that is a good thing at least I know where she is and that she is safe. The last call from Hannah was "can Margot, a friend stay over and can you take us both to cheer leading practice tomorrow at 9AM. Leyla is awake and she has friends over can I have some friends over as well" "Yes you can both have two friends ONLY and I stressed only two friends, of course Margot can stay and yes I can take you to cheer with pleasure beautiful daughter"

I arrived back at 10PM as advertised, both girls came to the front door to introduce me to their friends, Leyla had two friends in the house, as well as Mimi but according to Leyla Mimi doesn't count as she lives in the same close as we do. Leyla should be a Lawyet she always has an answer or an argument in her favour.

That's it you are up to date, wishing you an incredible week ahead

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