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  • David J Marks


Hello 😊 happy Monday morning, welcome to the first full week of work since March yes I can hear you saying "David we do not need to be reminded that this is a full five days of work ahead of us" although take heart good friends that soon and I mean within the next twenty years the four day week will become the normal working week. What with all this automation that is happening or will be happening tragic accident in the USA with a "driverless" car notwithstanding it might be even sooner as there simply will not be enough jobs to go round to people that want to work so job sharing will increase big time and so will leisure time.

Well as ever the Bank Holiday weather was not worth writing home about although it was at the end of March and this is the UK so rain I was not surprised for a moment. Yesterday, Sunday was a wash out too but I wasn't that bothered I was in all day trying to get over a cold I managed to come down with on Friday.

DMC News* MM and Company News * Destination News*

Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Oman Sai, Manel, Deep and the team at SNTTA Emir Conferences and Incentives are exhibiting at The Arabian Travel Market in Dubai on Stand number ME3110 Booth number 62 so if you are planning to attend The Arabian Travel Market from Sunday 22nd April to Wednesday 25th April please go along and say hello they would be delighted to see you.

Greece As you read this Monday morning e mail Nassos and the team at AME DMC Greece are celebrating Greek Orthodox Easter as such the office is closed today and will reopen tomorrow. If you need anything urgently from Greece please let me know I am sure I will be able to track down one of the AME DMC team.

IMEX is coming up real fast being held in Frankfurt from 15th-17th May so far the DMCs MM and Company represent who will be at IMEX are as follows :- IMEX Frankfurt Exhibitors Central America: Quetzal Motivo - Stand Number: B140 Germany: Germanyinsight incorporating Cornerstone Meetings and CAMONSITE Stand Number: F100 Portugal: TA DMC Portugal Stand Number: E205 Slovakia: ENJOY SLOVAKIA DMC Stand Number: G270 Slovenia: Dekon Group Stand Number: C320

Leyla and Hannah's twitter and witter bit of the Monday morning e mail

A momentous happening in the Marks household occurred on Friday evening some of the family arrived for a traditional Friday night dinner, my sister and her family including one of my nephews with girlfriend in tow, my niece and her family husband and two babies, my Mum and us. Dinner was going well the roast beef I did was cooked to perfection even if I say so myself. For some reason my two nephews and the girlfriend started talking about death and what it would be like if some people around the table were no longer with us including me, meanwhile I was sorting out the dessert course so was not privy to the conversation. I only discovered what had been going on when Hannah got very and I mean very upset. She is a very sensitive soul and she was not going to be soothed or calmed then it happened Leyla stepped up to the plate she became the BIG SISTER, Hannah come with me, Hannah obeyed and Leyla led a sobbing Hannah upstairs. Fifteen minutes later I went up to see how things were going, Hannah and Leyla were cuddling on the couch, Hannah had totally calmed down Leyla had demonstrated that she can be the sensible big sister after all.

And there you have it, wishing you a terrific week.

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