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  • David J Marks


Good morning from London W10 its Monday morning again but next week whilst Monday morning will dawn for sure a week from now it will not dawn whilst you are in the office because it is Easter Monday Bank Holiday the second bank holiday since Christmas. The first bank holiday is THIS FRIDAY it is Good Friday. Do you know why it is called Good Friday? I do because it’s good that we won’t have to go to work on Friday in fact it should be called awesomely amazing Friday. Having said that I like working so not too sure what I am going to do on Friday. Oh wait a minute I do know what I will be doing I will be preparing for the Jewish festival of PASSOVER. So if on Friday night you will be drinking at least four glasses of wine (probably everybody) reading from the Haggadah, eating matzah, boiled eggs, parsley and bitter herbs then may I wish you chag sameach and a wonderful kosher Pesach if none of the above except the drinking wine makes sense I wish you an amazing Easter holiday and if you don’t celebrate Easter enjoy the l o n g weekend

Did you see the news on Saturday? WOW what a powerful slogan “VOTE THEM OUT” well done to the youth and citizens of the United States of America, Emma Gonzalez a future President? What an amazing speaker delivering a very powerful speech. GUN CONTROL just simply HAS TO COME to the States or indeed the youth will VOTE THEM OUT!

Another gun story this time in France, perhaps Congress in the USA can show the bravery of the Police officer that laid down his life for the good of others in the siege at the supermarket. May he and the other victims rest in peace, may the terrorist rot in hell.

DMC News* MM and Company News * Destination News*

Malta Erika, Helga and the team at Mi Malta DMC has told us of more developments at their National carrier Air Malta. Connectivity has greatly increase Air Malta has up to 32 Flights weekly to Malta from 6 UK airports, to add to that Air Malta has over 100 flights a week from Malta to a number of key European destinations.

New York Beth of Details NYC our amazing DMC in New York so good they named it twice have told us about another new hotel that has just opened in New York it is The Redbury Hotel located in in the heart of the action in Manhattan’s burgeoning NoMad district. This district is just a short walk from the Empire State Building, Madison Square Park, the Theatre District, Fashion District, Museum Row, and all of the boutiques, restaurants, and nightclubs Downtown.

This legendary neighbourhood was home to the late 19th century and early 20th century music publishing mecca known as Tin Pan Alley. World-renowned photographer and Redbury Creative Director Matthew Rolston dove deep into New York’s illustrious history as one of the birthplaces of American pop music and rock ‘n roll, incorporating elements of this narrative into the property’s 257 newly-renovated guest rooms and interiors. The Redbury is truly a NoMad neighbourhood hotel, it is also home to Marta, a Roman-inspired pizzeria from Danny Meyer’s Union Square Group, and Bar Marta, a cosy lobby bar, along with recently added, Caffe Marchio and Vini e Friti.

The Redbury Hotel has a sister property in South Beach Miami, if you want to know about the Miami hotel please contact Clementine of our DMC C Florida Hospitality

Leyla and Hannah’s twitter and witter bit of the Monday morning e mail

On Saturday night I realized for the first time in a few months we were ALL at home on a Saturday evening. So I put my creative Dad hat on and decided we should all do something as a family. Go into the West End see if we can get last minute tickets for a show go to the movies, have dinner, lots going on so I went upstairs to Leyla who was allegedly doing home work but in reality she was watching TV with a lap top on a open at a homework page. I said “Leyla lets all go out as a family to the movies then to dinner or try and get tickets for a show” Leyla looked at me and said “no are you mad?” So I sought out Hannah and asked the same thing I got a similar but a little more gentle reply “why would I want to do that?” So Ayse and I watched a movie called The Hitman’s Bodyguard staring Samuel L. Jackson and Ryan Reynolds the movie was good fun. Hannah joined us on the couch Leyla only appeared when Deliveroo arrived with her pizza

Well that’s about it from the life of David at MM and Company as well as at home. I hope you have an amazing four day week this week and a terrific four day working week next week.

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