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  • David J Marks


Good morning, it's Monday morning yet again I hope it won't be too painful for you. Well that was the snow gone for all of us except those who live in Scotland and some in the North of England, it will be gone for sure this week as rain is forecast as well as temperatures into double figures is Spring really here at last.

Who on earth do the Russian Spymasters think they are? (caveat alert) if it was indeed the Russians in the first place, nothing has yet been proved although they have form. Trying to ice two people in Salisbury in the UK simply outrageous, i just simply not on! I feel sorry for the ex-spy's daughter, she was visiting her Dad, having some lunch and boom she is now fighting for her life. There is a famous biblical saying "the sins of the fathers are visited on their sons" now it seems daughters are not exempt. Leyla and Hannah had better watch out.

Will Kim Jong Un and Trump actually meet? I am sure the bookies are going to hold a field day.

I hope all the Mums and Grand Mums in our amazing industry had a great Mother's Day and Grandmother's Day yesterday.

DMC News* MM and Company News * Destination News*

Slovakia Marek the MD of Enjoy Slovakia DMC and I had an amazing week last week, London, Leeds, Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire and lots of other locations we met with some terrific clients it was great to hear that Bratislava is being considered as a destination not only for the pharma industry as it is very pharma compliant but we heard that lots of end clients are looking for something new, different and cost effective, Bratislava is all of that and more.

Portugal Next week Filipe De Pina the MD of TA DMC Portugal will be in the UK visiting clients past present and hopefully future.

News from our Destinations Around this time of year news from the DMC we represent is always a little slow in coming into us for the simple reason the DMCs are all working flat out for your proposals and delivering amazing events to you and your clients.

Leyla and Hannah's twitter and witter bit of the Monday Morning e mail

I got back home on Thursday evening after not really being at home very much last week. Overnight in Leeds and a few long days. Hannah said "daddy come and see my room" There in the middle of the room was a new DOUBLE bed, same situation in Leyla's room. OK I guess I knew that this purchase of new furniture was planned but to see them in situ made made me realise that this is all wrong. My girls are 13½ and 15½ NOW they get double beds? I think it would have been better to give them double beds from the age of one till 13 then a very, very skinny single beds from the age of 13 till they leave home.

At school Leyla's class all received a tetanus injection and a meningitis vaccination jab, ahhh thought Leyla an opportunity not to be missed she made full use of the jab by instantly going down with a temperature and blagging Friday off school. Please don't get me wrong if my precious daughter has a fever and is not feeling well then she must stay home to recover all to convenient in my opinion. Leyla made full use of her new double bed and did not move for the whole day on Friday.

Hannah was included in a Bar Mitzvah party invitation that we accepted on her behalf. She was not happy at all about being dragged to an afternoon lunch in Taplow in Buckinghamshire on Sunday afternoon. Reluctantly she got into the car with my rationale being "Hannah Poppy we are going and you are coming with us that, young lady is that, remember we are only staying till 4PM" (we had to be back in St Johns Wood for Ayse to fulfil an appointment at 5PM. At 3:55PM I suggested that Ayse and Hannah should get ready to leave after several minutes of discussion Hannah decided she was having such a good time with the friend that were there that she wanted to stay till the end of the do at 7Pm I then had to go around asking friends of ours who lived close by if they had room in their car for Hannah. We got to the appointment at 5.05PM only to wait till 5.40 to have the appointment fulfilled.

Well that's it you are now up to date I hope you have a nice warm week ahead at work,

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