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  • David J Marks


BRRRRRRRRRRRRRR Icy blasts across the UK fresh, very fresh from Siberia thanks but no thanks.

Good Monday morning I hope you are well and that you had a great weekend. What beautiful crisp, clear alpine like weekend we had cold yes, very cold but dry and sunny I can cope with that. Anyway I hope these very warm Monday morning greetings will help you thaw out a bit, parky outside for sure and that is an understatement. I'm positive that I have seen the daffodils and crocuses retreat back into the ground, deciding they had peaked way too early. Do you believe the weather forecasters who say there will be a whole bunch of snow on its way to the UK this week? I believe them the ground is cold and dry snow will settle for sure.

So has peace broken out in the Cabinet after their cosy weekend at Chequers? I doubt it Brexit bumbles on and on and on and on. At last the Labour party have decided what kind of Brexit they want for the country, let's see how that stacks up.

The Winter Olympics is done, the Rugby continues, I even watched some of it, very entertaining it was too. Manchester City won The Carabao Cup they like collecting silverware.

OK so was it YOU? Someone in the UK won £78,000,000 quid playing the Euro lottery I am a bit nervous to see if Sandra, Katharine and Chrissie come into the office today if they don't show up I will know who won the cash.

DMC News* MM and Company News * Destination News*

Slovakia In a few weeks’ time Marek Farkas of Enjoy Slovakia DMC is coming over to make sales calls and we are very much looking forward to welcoming Marek. We are noticing a big pick up in requests and confirmed groups for this very versatile destination. We are also hosting a Business Development trip (aka FAM trip) to Bratislava departing 19th April for two nights. We have bought 10 tickets on British Airways. So please watch out for your invitation coming to a screen near you very soon.

Malta Erika, Helga and the team from MI Malta have told us that Air Malta are launching three new flights from London Southend Airport direct to Malta, Catania and Cagliari from this summer, great news for your next conference or incentive trip to Malta.

CALLING ALL FREELANCERS Every three months we at MM and Company host a dinner at a nice, even posh signature restaurant we invite freelancers to join us, it tends to be a group of six to eight likeminded conference and incentive professionals all sitting round a table enjoying good food, fine wine, industry chat with some salacious gossip thrown in for good measure. We get to update our freelance friends on DMCs that have just joined us and our DMCs that have been with us for many, many years we share developments within our business, new destinations as well as developments in the destinations we represent. Freelancers get to know what is going on in the working lives of other freelancer C&I professionals friendship are formed and work leads are shared, of one of the rules is that we never mention any names. Clearly if we don't have your up to date contact details we cannot send you an invitation to join us to dinner and we would hate to miss you, so please let us have your permanent email address and mobile phone number, please share this e mail with your freelance colleagues we would love to meet them.

Leyla and Hannah's twitter and witter bit of the Monday morning e mail

My pocket money regimen seems to be working the girls get £25 a week each and that's it £12.50 for Saturday night pizza and a coke and £12.50 for Sunday afternoon a movie ticket and popcorn if they want sweets, chocolate, crisps, coke and other goodies or as we call it at home "nosh" they have to buy it from their allowance. As always I asked the girls what are their plans for the weekend so I know if I am to be a mini cab driver at any time over the weekend both told me that they had no pocket money left and were staying in. The lack of funds however did not stop Hannah going to Iceland the store not the country to purchase crisps, chocolate and other cut price family goodies clearly she knows that her pocket money goes further at Iceland and not as far as in Waitrose. Leyla was totally skint because as Hannah walked in with her very full Iceland carrier bag she became Leyla's very best friend. (Leyla) "Yes of course Hannah you can borrow my jeans, can I have some crisps" (Hannah) "Can I borrow your hairdryer Leyla" (Leyla) "Yes of course you can Hannah can I have some chocolate". Hannah knew there was a market out there she had the goods and she was going to make the most of it.

Well that's about it for this week you are up to date don't forget lots of layers, thermals would be a good idea. If you are driving, a shovel in the car as well as a torch and some food, maybe a flask of hot tea, remember you heard it here first.

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