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  • David J Marks


HELLO happy Monday maybe that is a contradiction in terms, I love Monday but I guess you know that. The week started when we totally gripped by winter then as Thursday fawned the sun was out and there was heat in the sun and spring was definitely in the air. The Daffodils are progressing well on the grass verges and gardens in fact, I saw a brave daffodil in full bloom yesterday it was so cold the daff had a hat, scarf and gloves on with a look of "I think I have peaked too early" on it's blooming face.

What is it with American school children and guns, do their parents not know how to lock up their guns? How old do you have to be to buy a gun in America? I know you have to be 21 years old in most States to buy a beer so maybe they should make it 25 years old to buy a gun. More tragic lives shattered, it's really quite heart-breaking.

Brexit seems to be continuing on it's directionless way, one way or another it will all turn out OK, it's the uncertainty that nobody likes.

I have just booked my hotel and flight for IMEX, British Airways to Frankfurt £128 return, not bad in fact, not bad at all. I know I'm going, I know it's in May so I booked simples :-)

DMC News* MM and Company News * Destination News*

Dubai Deep, Sai and the team at SNTTA Emir Incentives & Conferences have told us that Swissotel Hotels & Resorts has opened its first property in Dubai in partnership with Al Ghurair properties. The new luxury property has 428 rooms and 192 apartments and opens in one of the region's most prominent shopping destinations. The hotel also features a luxury spa, fitness centre, swimming pool, tennis courts, six meeting rooms and the Al Khor Ballroom. The meeting and event facilities have varied spaces ranging from 43 sqm to 300 sqm accommodating up to 300 people. Perfect for your next event in the heart of old Dubai, if you need anything from the team let me know.

Austria Martin Hodi of e+o meeting, event and travel management GmbH has advised us that Will Air will open its Austrian base with one Airbus aircraft in June, with two additional aircrafts to join in November. This growth of Wizz Air's Vienna base will see Wizz Air operate a total of seventeen new routes from the Austrian capital this year. In this year, Wizz Air will offer 450,000 seats on sale on its Asutrian routes, operating 69 weekly flights by the end of the year from Vienna airport which is great news if you're thinking of running an event there.

We can also tell you that Martin of e+o meeting, event and travel management GmbH will be coming over to do sales calls in the near future and will obviously be updating us on what is new and available for your next event in Austria. Do let us know if you're interested in meeting with us.

Leyla and Hannah's twitter and witter bit of the Monday morning e mail

It's clear that Leyla doesn't like authority, she is a free spirit and it's Leyla's way or no way, to a certain extent I can understand that, I was exactly the same but I conformed when I needed to, she doesn't. There's a no food upstairs rule in my house, most of the time it's adhered to except when Leyla is in a fifteen year old strop which is most of the time. I went upstairs after she had left for school, the other day in her room was butter, cheese, crackers, a dried up hot chocolate mug and a week old Crispy Creme, it could have been a few days old but it was rock hard. I put a Hachem do not enter notice on her bedroom door and denied the cleaner access. Once Leyla had cleaned up her week old debris then I asked the cleaner to go in.

Last Sunday I was out with Hannah in the rain walking to the shops, on the pavement I found a £5 note, the new plastic ones don't perish in the rain. I picked it up and said "Oh look, Hannah, I have just found £5" Hannah was annoyed that she didn't see it first and pick it up but she passed it the same time as I did. I walked on ahead saying "look what I found, Look what I found" waving it at her, which made her even more annoyed. We went to Waitrose and I ended up spending double on crisps and chocolates for the girls because I found £5, I so wish I had left it for somebody else to find.

Well that's about it for this week, you are up to date

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