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  • David J Marks


Monday afternoon greetings from London W10 I hope you are well.

Monday morning came and went due to my delayed arrival from Cancun via Dublin (long story) normally Virgin Atlantic who were simply amazing fly DIRECT from London to Cancun however on Sunday it was via Dublin, then throw in a midday meeting this is coming to you on Monday afternoon. Apart from attending the meeting all I could think about meeting was I have not said Good Morning to you.

The weather bulletin, I have noticed that the snow drops have started to appear even have some in the garden, so it must mean that we have cracked the worst part of the winter although you wouldn't have known about it yesterday.

My brief inspection trip to Cancun was awesome, we had a bit of good weather we had a bit of average weather, I stayed at the five star Unico 20º 87º Hotel Riviera Maya it was the first time I had ever stayed in an all inclusive hotel and it was an extremely enjoyable experience. The hotel itself has thought of everything one could possibly want the location close to Playa Del Carmen was excellent for a get away from it all experience. Since the last time I was in Cancun some five years ago Playa Del Carmen and Tulum have grown into amazing resorts, Playa Del Carmen even has a Coco Bongo cabaret and disco venue which was great fun, a full description of my trip will be updated on the MM and Company website in the next couple of weeks.

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Abu Dhabi & Dubai This week I will be out with Sai Rattan, Managing Director of SNTTA Emir Conferences and Incentives DMC over to update us on the destinations. As Managing Director of SNTTA Emir Conferences and Incentives, I like to say that "Sai is the man that delivers the promises I make to you, our conference and incentive clients."

Slovakia Marek, Maros and the team at Enjoy Slovakia DMC are planning to host a Business Development trip (aka FAM trip) to Bratislava departing 19th April for two nights. We have bought 10 tickets on British Airways. So please watch out for your invitation coming to a screen near you very soon.

Leyla and Hannah's twitter and witter bit of the Monday morning e mail

My mobile phone rang when I was in Cancun, it was Leyla "Daddy, Hannah won't open the front door for me". I said, "Where is your key", I forgot it" was her reply. I rang Hannah, "Hannah why won't you open the front door for your sister?" "She is being man to me and in any case why didn't she take her key?". I said "Hannah, I'm in Cancun, sort it out" then I called Leyla and said "Leyla I'm in Cancun, sort it out" then I turned my phone off. I was pretty confident that Leyla would get in the house even if she has to break in which I know she can do as she has demonstrated the method via the letter box.

And that's about it you are now up to date

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