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  • David J Marks


Chilly Monday morning greetings soon to be, personally speaking warm, sunny greetings from London W10 and Cancun, Mexico respectfully. As the blast of cold air travels down the country from the north pole, I will be off to Cancun, Mexico to meet up with The EPIC Group, the DMC in Cancun that MM and Company have been representing since 1997. It's six years since I have been to Cancun, so time for me to re-visit the destination to find out what is new and funky in Cancun, Playa del Carmen and The Riviera Maya, this is clearly a tough gig and I'm only going to Cancun for altruistic (complicated word for a Monday) reasons, to enable me to report back to you on new hotels, venues and developments in Cancun, Playa del Carmen and The Riviera Maya all amazing conference and incentive destinations.

Nice to see that North and South Korea seem to be in the process of kissing and making up, well at least for the benefit of the world and The Winter Olympics they have. I see Theresa May is under fire again bless her, the press calling her reshuffle a shamble, what a job to have! Last week I thought that the east coast of the US had cornered the market in snow clearly, that is not the case did you see the massive snow fall in Switzerland? A metre of snow overnight, that is a lot of snow.

DMC News* MM and Company News * Destination News*

Bratislava Marek, Maros and the team at Enjoy Slovakia DMC have got some fantastic news to share, on the 25th March Wizz Air will be flying from Luton directly into Bratislava airport, I understand it will be a daily flight which is massive news.

Austria Martin and Evelyn Hodi of e+o meeting, event & travel management GmbH have told us about this amazing new venue Weltmuseum Wien - The magnificent Hall of Columns provides an unforgettable setting for gala dinners, cocktails and receptions. Thanks to Museum’s prime location at the very heart of Vienna’s city centre, you are always where the action is. Take advantage of the great opportunity of combining your event with an exclusive visit to the museum's impressive collections! The exceptional Hall of Columns with its glass ceiling and awe-inspiring frescos is the most prominent event space available within this location, which is part of the Hofburg Imperial Palace complex of buildings. The grand staircase leads up to the gallery on the mezzanine floor, which can also be used for cocktail receptions. Event guests are welcome to visit the collections of the Museum – with or without guided tour – during the event. Contact us or Martin at e+o meeting, event & travel management GmbH for more information and availability.

Abu Dhabi & Dubai SNTTA Emir Incentives & Conferences always enjoy being ahead of the game, Formula One will yet again be in Abu Dhabi in November. Sai Rattan and the team at SNTTA Emir Incentives & Conferences have got some fantastic rates for the Formula One weekend, for more information please contact us or Sai and the team in Abu Dhabi.

Leyla and Hannah’s twitter and witter bit of the Monday morning e mail

Leyla likes her bed far too much, I guess that must qualify her for being a teenager, on Tuesday I went upstairs at 10 past 7 having not heard any stomping around. Hannah was stirring, Leyla was fast asleep. “Leyla, school is waiting, time get up” she gestured as she always does and that was it. At 7.25 I went upstairs yet again having said to myself I’m not going up there again, but I went up, she was fast asleep. She missed the school bus, had to get the tube to the end of the Jubilee line, Stanmore and spent her pocket money on getting a taxi from the station to school, she want late but only just. Now I know why she never has any money and believe me they get a fair amount of pocket money per week. Tuesday evening 10 o’clock I re-instated the no phones rule, I do not think she is yet speaking to me, I did wonder why it was so quite but that is fine. I took Hannah’s phone away which to be honest made me feel awful, as it wasn’t her fault that Leyla missed the school bus, Hannah is on time. The next day I told Hannah to keep her phone. Saturday night Leyla was still snap chatting with her pals at 1AM, she had to be out of the house at 10AM Sunday morning. The last words to her from me were “good night Leyla I need you to be downstairs at 9.30AM tomorrow, failure is NOT an option”

Sunday morning at 9.30AM Leyla was on parade, demonstrating how much she loves her no not Dad, her phone she knew if she failed I would take her phone away.

Hannah’s new schtick is to shout FUNNY at the top of her voice and then collapse with a fit of giggles she will shout funny at the drop of a hat for instance I will ask her to clear the dinner table, Leyla will say Yes Hannah clear the dinner table her response will be ha funny ( she eventually does it)

That’s it you are totally up to date, I hope you have as great week

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