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  • David J Marks


Monday morning greetings, I hope you're well, so tell me how was last week for you? Last week for me was pretty blooming amazing I was lucky enough to be in Mauritius with eight awesome conference and incentive professionals that are now firmly conference and incentive friends, actually three of them were friends before we met at the airport I was also with an amazing co host for the trip who was also a friend before we met up at the airport.

We all had a great Mauritius experience with Karl, Anusha, Iris, Dhunraj and Vikesh of Connections DMC showing us a lot that Mauritius has to offer. It is indeed an awesome destination and not just because it is slap bang in the Indian Ocean with beautiful weather, warm crystal clear waters, never ending sandy beaches fringed with palm trees swaying in warm winds of, on average 28 degrees C. We were hosted like rock stars at two excellent Beachcomber hotels one in the north east of the island and one on the south east at Trou aux Biches the other Dinrobin in La Morne.

So Sunday for me was a bit of a shock having returned from the sparkling summer heat of Mauritius to the London gloom of early Northern Hemisphere winter, it was a frosty 7 degrees.

Well at last Zimbabwe has a new regime, or so it seems, there is certainly a new name on the Presidential door let's hope it's not as devastating as the regime they have just got rid of but I guess that will take time to see whether that happens or not.

I missed Philip Hammond's budget was there anything I should know about in it? I do plan to catch up on the Communist in Chief's shouting spree in the House of Commons via U Tube I am old he almost blew a blood vessel.

DMC News* MM and Company News * Destination News*

IBTM Barcelona 28th – 30th November BREAKING NEWS Germanyinsight will be there, we have just been told that Eva, Bettina, Maike and Valentina will be in Barcelona. As Germany is their base they focus at IMEX with an exhibition stand. At IBTM in Barcelona they do not have a stand and they attend as visitors. Should you wish to meet them please let me know, there are lots of coffee shops where productive meetings can take place.

I’m attending, are you? So far the runners and riders that MM and Company represents attending are;

Connections DMC, Mauritius – Stand 050 Enjoy Slovakia DMC – Stand D15 Honeywell Incentives, Cyprus – Stand B45 Microcosmos DMC – Stand G20 Russian Event – Stand G45 TA DMC Portugal – Stand B75 THE J TEAM, Japan – Stand H80 Quetzal Motivo, Costa Rica, Panama & Central America – Stand L60 Visit Morocco – Stand J80

Leyla and Hannah's twitter and witter bit of the Monday morning e mail

Hannah has subjected us to a birthday countdown. She found an application on her phone that allows her to set a target date and the phone tells her how many months, weeks, days, hours, minutes and seconds till her selected day. The one she chose was her birthday , the day my beautiful youngest baby girl daughter becomes a teenager and according to perceived wisdom turns into a monster. Day zero finally arrived yesterday it started very early which is all I needed considering the week I had just had whilst it was an amazing in Mauritius it was also very busy and when you have a busy week the last thing you wan is a busy weekend oh well it was for Hannah so that was ok.

Hannah had a pile of gifts thankfully Hannah asked for some very practical presents new trainers a new down filled jacket, she got hair straighteners, make up palettes and jewellery from Leyla as well as other gifts of money from various relatives, in her words as a result.

At 12:30pm ten or perhaps fourteen young ladies aged twelve and fourteen years of age arrived for lunch, music and a movie I am quite certain the Dominoes delivery driver lives in our spare room well his motorbike is always outside or house so he must live here.

Leyla is not quite as excited for Hannah, it is Leyla's birthday on Wednesday, Leyla was banished from the house for Hannah's party so Leyla mugged me for £40 and left to go into the West End to celebrate Black Friday and scorched Sunday. I told her she has to pay me back the forty quid but I won't be holding my breath.

I will be in Barcelona for the start of Leyla's 15th birthday but that's OK as it is a school day, Leyla agreed and she is alright with this I will be there for the finish I fly in from Barcelona that afternoon. I fear Leyla is going to be a bit disappointed on Wednesday as her birthday wish list will not be fulfilled in full, she wants a new iPhone even though that will not be on the table in the morning of her birthday she will do very well I am sure.

Leyla is counting down to her 16th birthday as she then gets a number of "rights" so I am told well we shall see how that works out for her in due course.

That's it you are now fully up to date wishing you a terrific week at work and a successful week at the shops

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