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  • David J Marks


Happy Monday, it's a funny thing every Friday I say to Katharine, Sandra, Mike and Chrissie, The Team that I can't believe it's Friday, where did the week go? The week has just whizzed by and I'm delighted to say we are still as busy as ever, lots going on. This week we will pass the half way mark of November so you know what that means the Christmas lights are on and everyone is going bonkers.

The J Team JAPAN have just managed an event that involved a Premier League football club that was reported in the Sun newspaper, I'm not sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing, The Sun reporter was very complimentary about The J Team and the event.

So interest rates have gone up, President Trump is all over Asia, Theresa May lives to fight another week and the sun is shining, all in all not a bad result. Remembrance Sunday is such an emotional event, it seems that the Royal Baton is slowing being handed over to the next generation, Her Majesty The Queen stood on the balcony, whilst HRH The Prince of Wales laid the Royal Wreath on behalf of a grateful nation.

DMC News* MM and Company News * Destination News*

World Travel Market Did you go to WTM? I did and saw a number of industry friends and some DMCs that we work with that are in the leisure business as well as conference and incentive business. Going to E16 is a nightmare but it was worth the nightmare, if you get my drift.

Prague Daniel and the team at ITC Travel & Conference have told us that Wednesday is a public holiday as it's Saint Martin's Day so they will be back in the office on Thursday. If you need anything urgently let us know.

IBTM Barcelona 28th – 30th November I’m attending, are you?

So far the runners and riders that MM and Company represents attending are;

Connections DMC, Mauritius – Stand 050 Enjoy Slovakia DMC – Stand D15 Honeywell Incentives, Cyprus – Stand B45 Microcosmos DMC – Stand G20 Russian Event – Stand G45 TA DMC Portugal – Stand B75 THE J TEAM, Japan – Stand H80 Quetzal Motivo, Costa Rica, Panama & Central America – Stand L60 Visit Morocco – Stand J80

Leyla and Hannah's twitter witter bit of the Monday morning email

Remembrance Sunday was as ever an emotional watch on the TV, seems like we, The Brits, just know how to do it so very well I managed to get my girls to watch it and to be quiet for two minutes at 11AM, a victory in itself.

Why is it that a simple thing like a hairband becomes such an urgent commodity at 9 o'clock at night? On Thursday, I was watching some TV. Hannah came down, she had just washed her hair and asked, "Have you seen you seen my hairband? We have got to find it", she said. "Why", I asked is it so important. "I need it" was her reply. I resisted the temptation to ask why again, we searched the house, we couldn't find it, she insisted that we go to Sainsbury's and buy another one, we had to go right there and then. I should have said no, I didn't, she got a new hairband, end of.

Leyla thinks she has the most stupid parents in the world, one evening last week 11 o'clock I realised she hadn't given me her phone, I went upstairs, creaked open her bedroom door, the phone was on her bed and she was "asleep". For sure she wasn't, she had heard me walk up the stairs and pretended to be asleep. I took the phone and "my" charger that she had nicked and turned off her light. I wish I had waited outside her bedroom door, I didn't, I was downstairs, minutes later my fast asleep daughter got up, messed around in her bedroom, went to the bathroom and finally settled about midnight, asleep huh.

That's about it, you are now up to date. I hope you have an amazing week ahead.

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