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  • David J Marks


What a difference a week makes, two weeks ago the weather was lovely, almost balmy for that time of year, reality has kicked in, storms have been hitting the UK, leaves are piling up in green plastic bags, it must be the season the road sweepers dread the most I wonder if have nightmares about leaves, drowning in leaves, huge giant an eating leaves chasing them along the high street. I wonder why the council doesn't invest in a huge industrial machine to hoover up the leaves. Hummmm I think I will stick to conferences, incentives and DMCs

Were you celebrating Diwali last week? If you were I hope you had a very happy Diwali full of light, fun and happiness. These festivals always fascinate me, I would love to take part in or at least observe these type of festivals.

DMC News* MM AND Company News* Destination News*

Budapest Dori, Agnes and the team at Microcosmos DMC tell us it's a bank holiday today in Hungary due to Republican Day. The team will be back in the office tomorrow but let me know if you need anything urgently.

South Africa This week I'm out with Brad Glenn Managing Director of The Inside Edge Southern Africa who we have represented since 1999, I'm looking forward to seeing a lot of our wonderful clients during the week.

IBTM Barcelona 28th - 30th November I'm attending, are you?

So far the runners and riders that MM and Company represents attending are;

Connections DMC, Mauritius - Stand 050 Enjoy Slovakia DMC - Stand D15 Honeywell Incentives, Cyprus - Stand B45 Microcosmos DMC - Stand G20 TA DMC Portugal - Stand B75 THE J TEAM, Japan - Stand H80 Quetzal Motivo, Costa Rica, Panama & Central America - Stand L60 Visit Morocco - Stand J80

Leyla and Hannah's twitter and witter bit of the Monday morning e mail
Last week was half term for a lot of kids but not for my girls Leyla and Hannah were back at school. Their half term was during the Jewish festivals, both girls go to Jewish Schools although I am beginning to re-examine my decision as to whether or not that was the best school to select. So like clockwork the madness starts at 06.45am, I haul myself up the stairs to make sure there is activity from both bedrooms and ends at 07.35 with the slamming of the front door. By that time Leyla has to be on her way normally she goes with school bag and blazer flying all over the place, lunch in hand, legging it because she is late to catch the school bus which picks her up at 07.40am, the place were the bus stop is 10 minutes' walk from the house and Leyla being Leyla leaves it to the very last moment. The second slamming of the front door happens at 07.45am when Hannah leaves calmly, serenely, bags packed the night before, lunch in her backpack with plenty of time to get to school. I'm glad both the kids are not like Leyla, that would b too much stress and I'm glad both the girls are not like Hannah that would be too predictable.
Both girls are getting very excited for Halloween (OMG) they have talked about me getting dressed up for this "Hallmark holiday", if it's blocked off in the diary. I know I will have to go trick or treating with them but please, dressed up, not sure about that I think that idea is just pushing fatherhood to the edge.
That's all you're up to date, have a great week.
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