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  • David J Marks


Monday morning greetings from London W10, hope you're well and I really hope you had a terrific week last week

At the beginning of the week the weather was really chilly so I finally caved in ad put the heating on, I know it's supposed to go on the 1st October but when I started watching TV at home with a tartan blanket over my knee doing a poor impression of the late Queen mother, I knew it was time for the heating. However since I put the heating on the weather has warmed up big time, the weekend just gone was bright, sunny and warm. So did I turn the heating off again the answer is no because my 91 year old Mum moved in with us for the Jewish New Year, the girls just loving having Grandma Estelle around, I loved having Mum there too regardless of the fact that she is high maintenance 😊 especially when it comes to having the heating on.

So North Korea has ballistic missiles, now according to the BBC news Iran gas fired off a ballistic missile that can travel 1,200 miles. I quickly googled "how far is Israel from Iran?" Google told me it is 1585 kilometres which is 985 miles from Tehran to Tel Aviv, clearly this is not good news for Israel or Iraq for that matter.

Another hurricane in the same general area poor, poop people of British Virgin Island and Puerto Rico. Someone the on TRUMP staff just has to tell him the GLOBAL WARMING is really real and that it is bad, not good

OMU No longer OMG but now OMU "OH MY UBER" what are we going to do without UBER in London fear not there is no doubt that Uber will appeal the ruling and it will take forever to go through the courts and Uber will live on at least for a while

DMC News * MM and Company News * Destination News *

IMEX Las Vegas 10th - 12th October Are you going? I am, so are the following DMCs that MM and Company represents;

+39 Italy - Booth Number B1220 C Florida Hospitality - Booth Number B2317 EPIC Group, Cancun - Mexican Pavilion Stand D1338 Germanyinsight (CAMONSITE Conference and More GmbH Berlin) - Booth Number B2623 Nordic Visitor, Iceland - Booth Number B2219 THE J TEAM, Japan - Booth Number C3331 Quetzal Motivo, Costa Rica, Panama & Central America - Booth Number D738

It seems there are a number of our UK friends and clients coming over to Las Vegas, if that is you and you would like to get together for dinner or if you would like to meet one of our amazing DMC's do let me know, I would be very happy to sort out a suitable meeting time.

South Africa Brad Glenn, Managing Director and the team at The Inside Edge Southern Africa have told us that today is Heritage Day, a public holiday so if you need anything urgently let us know, otherwise the team will be back in the office tomorrow.

We have represented Brad and the team at The Inside Edge since 1999 and Brad will be visiting the UK next month. We are putting together a meeting schedule for him, if you would like to know what's cool, creative, fun and funky let me know. I know Brad would be delighted to give you an update on Southern Africa including Zambia, Botswana and Zimbabwe.

IBTM Barcelona 28th - 30th November I have just booked my flight and hotel for Barcelona, it just doesn't stop 😊

Leyla and Hannah's twitter and witter bit of the Monday Morning e mail

I wish Pizza had never been invented furthermore, I wish Dominoes only did Pizza. My credit card is registered on the Dominoes website (don't try it the credit card is maxed out already). Leyla announced that she wanted Pizza for dinner as nothing was ready (there's a surprise), I told her to order it, she ordered it but instead of delivery she mistakenly hit the collection button. So 45 minutes after the pizza was ordered and hasn't arrived we phoned "oh its here ready for collection". Together with Dominoes cookies, another Dominoes side order, garlic bread etc. The drive to Dominoes was a disaster, Finchley Road was down to one lane, more wretched roadworks.

Hannah is a party girl, she went to a party on Saturday night and a party on Sunday night, so my Saturday evening was depart Swiss Cottage at 6.45PM arrive North Finchley N12 at 7.30PM depart North Finchley N12 at 7.31PM having seen Hannah safely inside her friend's house, I was informed that it was an only girls allowed 13th birthday party. Arrived Swiss Cottage at 8:15PM saw a bit of the movie Gravity on the TV then left Swiss Cottage again at 1-PM to collect Hannah at 10:30PM traffic is much lighter later in the evening. This time i went into the house and not that I didn't believe Hannah, thankfully the house was full of 13 year old girls not a boy in sight.

Same performance Sunday night except the party location was Stanmore Middx. To be honest I have been waiting for this development for a while so no complaints it has been factored into my life 😊

That's it you are not fully up to date, wishing you an awesome week ahead.

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