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  • David J Marks


Monday Morning greetings from London W10, I am back and I guess you are back too well at least most of you. It’s a funny thing but I have missed writing to you every Monday morning. I hope you had a great bank holiday weekend a couple of weeks ago, the news was reporting people fed up with the August weather were leaving in the hundreds and thousands from airports around the country and the ones that stayed(me) were lucky enough to enjoy amazing sunshine and guess which clever bloke arranged a BBQ for bank holiday Monday yeah me.

Sooo much to tell you sooo little time, I hope you had a great weekend, I had an AWESOME WEEKEND spent with some very extra special friends at their son’s Bar Mitzvah. The whole weekend was spent with them and their family who we also know very well it was simply the best weekend of the year 😊

It’s finally happened and I’m not happy about it but the summer is drawing to a close, I simply love the summer. Like it or not it’s getting chilly but the upshot of that is Brexit not withstanding business will return to normal. Although with Brexit it’s difficult to know what normal is. What’s not normal is the rain that turned into floods in Texas and Bangladesh very sad about Texas but the USA can cope for sure, sadly Bangladesh cannot. Every year they get monsoons so they are used to it but this year the monsoons have been very heavy with more to come. To top all of that Trump has pulled out of the Paris agreement on climate change, he has seen Texas first-hand what else does need? I will tell you what he needs, Trump needs a smack!

DMC News* MM and Company News * Destination News*

As all of our DMCs get back to working normal hours and hopefully their suppliers start working normal hours I have asked them to let me know what is new and exciting in their particular destinations, more detailed destination news next week.


I’m out with Anusha and Carine at Connections DMC Mauritius, we are traveling north, south, east and west meeting with clients past, present and future. Do let me know if you would like an update on Mauritius and we will drop in.


Marek, Marosh and the team and Enjoy Bratislava DMC have invited me over to have a quick, two day site inspection and update of what is new, exciting and funky in Slovakia for the Conference and Incentive market place. So I will be there this week with a full update of what I saw and did next week. Sandra, Katharine Chrissy are in the office if you need anything.

New York and Florida

Beth of Details NYC and Clementine of C Florida Hospitality have reminded us that it is Labor Day today in the USA it is a Federal Holiday and the whole of The States is closed however if you need anything of an urgent DMC nature we can almost certainly get it done

Leyla and Hannah’s twitter and witter bit of the Monday morning e mail

I now have to cram in four weeks’ worth of the girls and me, question is where do I start. Shall I tell you about Leyla leaving her passport on the plane and the discovery of it as we present ourselves at the police immigration border of Croatia? Or shall I tell you about Hannah’s bent out of shape iPhone that needs to be replaced? The antics over the summer holidays, the struggles with digital devices, bed time surrender of said digital devices, meal times that did not include pasta or pizza, non-existent exercise regime, stacks of homework left undone, I could go on but I won’t suffice it to say the girls are wonderful.

Leyla was trying to prove she was responsible enough to have her passport from leaving home to arrival at the holiday destination.

We left NW6 at 04.00AM to get to Gatwick for a 07.30 chocks away departure to Dubrovnik. I took Hannah’s passport but Leyla insisted on keeping her passport. We arrived, got off the plane, queued at immigration. I said to “Leyla get your passport ready”, her immediate response was “you have my passport Daddy”. I guess you can imagine the scenario following her answer to me. The Passport was found in the seat pocket in front of Leyla’s seat (thank you British Airways you were great) I subsequently learnt that as Leyla had to get up at 3.30AAM she decided not to go to bed the night before we left so she was well exhausted which is why she slept the whole flight.

It took Leyla 2 days to talk to me after the telling off she got.

Hannah has managed to destroy her I phone 6 and is now lobbying for an I phone 7 she has volunteered to pay a considerable amount to wards to the new phone decision will be taken next week. I need her to realise that being without a viable phone means she has to take very good care of the next phone she gets.

That’s it for now, I will let you get on with your day, have a great week.

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