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  • David J Marks


Happy Monday, as is tradition I will start with moaning about the weather, last week it was as my Mother would say a bit “och-vey”, a lovely expression which can be interpreted as hit and miss. It was chilly enough for me to bring out my hoodie, the heating didn’t go on but I did think about it on Wednesday. This week sadly looks more of the same. Well, it is the UK and it’s July, the schools have broken up so on schedule the weather has collapsed which will of course delight the travel agents no end. As soon as the weather collapses people think let’s go to Spain or Portugal, it’s not too expensive and the sun will shine for certain.

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Europe is slowly but surely shutting down, the continent is on holiday to re-appear first week of September. If you are going on holiday, I hope you have an absolutely magnificent time to rest, relax and re-cooperate. If you have just come back, I hope it was fun.

Leyla and Hannah’s twitter and witter bit of the Monday morning e mail

Leyla is well and truly home, it’s like she has never been away. Leyla broke up the day she returned from her school Israel trip and has become a Neanderthal teenager, she has taken up full time permanent residence in her cave/ bedroom only appearing when sustenance is required. To get her out of her bedroom I said I would take her out for the day, I asked where she would like to go and she said “Cambridge”. Aaaahh is this perhaps where she would like to study, I of course suggested that she Googled what to see and do in Cambridge. Our day was due to start at 10 o’clock, at 11.15AM she finally appeared, I was tempted to call it off then but I didn’t. We drove an hour and a half to Cambridge listening to mostly young chaps from spurious backgrounds chanting unintelligible lyrics into a microphone backed by a computer generated beat. On my third dose of paracetamol we arrived in Cambridge, I turned the engine off and peace descended, thank G-d. Leyla had done no research whatsoever (I was not surprised), she then wanted to go for a two hour lunch that went the same way as her research, it didn’t happen. I dragged her round Kings College Cathedral which was stunning and a few of the university grounds. I gave up on the tenth time she complained about being hungry, we went to Costa. The Cambridge experience lasted three hours, exactly the same time as it took for us to travel there and back. Would anybody like to adopt a fourteen year old teenager, I have one going.

Hannah survived her bike ride training, hi vis jacket and helmet not withstanding, I think she enjoyed it. Hannah has been busy posting on Snapchat and Instagram which is causing us concern so much so that her phone is being closely monitored for interesting activity. It’s not allowed in her bedroom and it’s surrendered every night at 10 o’clock. Guess who’s not very popular at the moment? Correct, Daddy.

Well I guess that is about it, you are fully up to date.

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