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  • David J Marks


Happy Monday, summer in the city was the theme of last week, I like it hot so last week was perfect for me, not once did I find it too hot. I wore shorts to the office for the first time this year, Sandra Katherine and Rachel worked in air conditioned loveliness I opened the window did not bother with air conditioning at all last week. Leaving Swiss Cottage NW6 in the morning off to Queens Park, London W10 knowing the weather was going to be amazing all day was just perfect, obviously the weekend weather was total rubbish. Why is it that the UK cannot have consistently good summer weather what would be perfect is at the start of May the sun shines and it October it stops, any way we are back to normal summer weather next week warmish cloudy and rain on its way hooo hummmmm. There is no doubt about it, business is just about to leave the fast lane and enter the bus lane, things are definitely slowing down, gives us in the office all time for prepare the September mailing.

Wimbledon starts next week so that will keep my Mum busy for the next two weeks.

Ramadan is over for another year, Eid started Sunday evening and will be celebrated all day Monday, if you are reading this and you are celebrating EID may I take this opportunity to wish you, your family and friends EID MUBARAK

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PUBLIC HOLIDAYS It is the end of Ramadan so throughout the Muslim world it is a bank holiday for sure on Monday, some countries extend it to Tuesday as well So if you need anything in a hurry from the following DMCs and Destinations SNTTA Emir Conferences and Incentives in Dubai or Abu Dhabi DEKON DMC Turkey Visit Morocco DMC Please call us at MM and Company as the DMC’s offices will be closed.

Leyla and Hannah’s twitter and witter bit of the Monday morning e mail

Last Sunday we took Leyla to school to enable her to get the coach with all her school year friends to Luton Airport so they all could catch an El Al flight to Israel. The lead up to our departure from home was a nightmare, procrastination was Leyla’s middle name, she wouldn’t pack, she wouldn’t shower, she wouldn’t change. It was obvious why, bless her she was apprehensive, we arrived at the school gate, the playground was full of parents saying goodbye to their kids, there were going away for three weeks, that is a long time away from home when you are fourteen years old. The coaches drove up and the tears began, if she said she didn’t want to go once Leyla said she didn’t want to go a hundred times. My T-shirts was wet from her tears, we managed to get her on the bus and we left. Three days later we got a phone call, this trip is amazing, it’s fantastic, I’m having a great time, so happy I’m here, it’s amazing, I have lost my voice, I hate the food, its amazing, it’s a terrific trip, I even got I miss you Daddy. I knew this would be the outcome so there was not a chance in the world that I was going to pull her from the trip she was going and I was sure it would turn out all OK.

The food in Israel whilst extremely good however they use a lot of sesame oil and seeds in almost everything, they love their hummus and tahini the Israelis even sprinkle the sesame seeds on bread, the problem is that Leyla is very allergic to sesame, we told the school and now we have told the school again this time in no uncertain terms they need to do better. Leyla has survived on Pringles, diet coke and chocolate. G-d forbid she should eat fruit and vegetables.

Hannah is missing her big sister, every Friday night just before we sit down for dinner I have a tradition to bless the girls with an ancient Jewish priestly blessing Leyla was obviously not there on Friday night so I gave the blessing to Hannah, as soon as I finished it she got quite upset telling me she is missing Leyla a lot.

Well that’s about it you are up to date, wishing you a terrific week ahead

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