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  • David J Marks


Warm, very warm Monday morning wishes come to your from the hot and summery streets of London W10, I hope you are well.

The Meetings Show was last week, it is now confined to the history books. Was it a good show? Speak to a dozen people and you will get a dozen different answers, for me I had a good show. I met up with lots of great clients and friends, met up with some great industry colleagues and friends. We also met some NEW potential clients and that is a real bonus. Four of the DMCs that MM and Company represent attended the show and I know there will be four different answers to the question “what did you think of The Meeting Show?”

Will we be there next year? Personally I hope so 😊

Leyla and Hannah’s twitter and witter bit of the Monday morning e mail

Leyla is going to Israel for three weeks with the school it is a big, big trip before she hopefully knuckles down to two full on years of GCSE preparations for the exams and the exams themselves. Getting her ready to go was a painful experiences Last week Leyla was part of the chorus for her end of year school play “My Fair Lady”, you know the one, it has the song the rain in Spain stays mainly in the plain and knowing I am on the street where you live. The audience was about 150 people strong made up of parents and siblings of the performers so it was an intimate gathering. The first time I saw Leyla she was in a Victorian maids outfit with as frilly mop type cap on she came on stage our eyes met and I almost fell of my chair I was laughing so much but not at her with her because as soon as she saw me she started laughing. I felt her drama teachers eyes bore into me. The play was terrific all the actors did an amazing job. I know for sure Leyla had a good time. I asked Hannah if she was going to miss her big sister. “You have to be joking” was her reply “I am going to sleep in her bed and wear her clothes and she won’t know a thing about it”

That’s it for this week, wishing you a terrific week at work. That’s it for this week, wishing you a terrific week at work.

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