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  • David J Marks


Super sunny sunshine greetings on this marvellous Monday morning, the sun is shining and all is good in the world that is according to me, I hope it’s the same for you.

Last week I was out all week meeting our awesome clients with Anusha of Connections DMC Mauritius and Martin of e+o meeting, event & travel management GmbH Austria. It was a great week, we met some lovely people who work with MM and Company and the DMCs we represent, we had great weather and the company was perfect, a terrific week.

It’s IMEX week, so Tuesday to Thursday, I will be in Frankfurt, it goes without saying that if you need anything from me I will be on my mobile and of course Sandra, Katharine and Rachel are in the office reading my emails and doing all the other things they do so well.

DMC News* MM and Company News * Destination News*

IMEX May 2017 IMEX Frankfurt is this week, here is the list of DMCs that MM and Company represent that will be there. The runners and riders are; Susanne of the EPIC Group Cancun Stand B100 Hocine of Quetzal Motivo Costa Rica & Panama Stand B140 Klea of Honeywell Incentives Cyprus Stand F324 Jean Yan of SNTTA Emir Incentives & Conferences, Dubai & Abu Dhabi on Stand E520 Eva of GermanyInsight Frankfurt office is on Stand F110, Valentina of Germanyinsight Berlin office stand number TBC Linda and Fjola, Nordic Visitor DMC Iceland on Stand F230 Lina El Fihry of Visit Morocco DMC on Stand D500 Filipe de Pina of TA DMC Portugal on Stand E205 Veronika of Russian Event on Stand E450 Maros & Marek of Enjoy Slovakia DMC on Stand G270 Dekon DMC Turkey on Stand A400 Brad Glenn of The Inside Edge Southern Africa will be at the show (not exhibiting) so if you want to meet up with Brad let me know I will get it sorted.

MY CUNNING PLAN FOR IMEX Are you going to IMEX un-hosted? A very sensible way to attend IMEX, no pressure to fulfil the crazy number of appointments IMEX demands of you. So if you are un-hosted and not busy on Tuesday night PLEASE JOIN ME FOR DINNER, I have booked an extraordinary restaurant (yes they do for sure exists in Frankfurt) for Tuesday night RSVP

So far three client / friends are joining me for dinner, plenty more room at the table on both nights

The Meetings Show 13th – 15th June 2017 We are happy to say we are exhibiting at The Meetings Show again this year on Stand E305, the runners and riders are; Gaia Terrazzi of +39 Italy Maros Borsky of Enjoy Slovakia Eva Hoffmann & Valentina Azzoni of Germanyinsight Filipe de Pina of TA DMC Portugal

Do let us know if you’re interested in meeting any of our DMCs or need information on any of our destinations.

Austria Martin of e+o meeting, event & travel management Austria was here as you know last week, whenever I’m with one of our DMCs I learn so much about the destination I think almost every client meeting we went into everyone was delighted to be reminded what a wonderful world city Vienna is. Amazing hotels, historic venues available for events and more palaces that an incentive or conference program would ever need. Listening to Martin I reckon you could have a ten day incentive (we should be so lucky) and you can have dinner in a different historic venue every evening of your ten night stay. Consider Vienna the next time you talk to your client.

Mauritius It was lovely to spend time with Anusha at Connections DMC Mauritius is over. I learned nothing 😊 I was in Mauritius in November and I was in Mauritius in January this year so I’m up to speed with the wonderful, amazing destination of Mauritius. We are planning a Business Development Event in November this year, if you have a client that is looking for Mauritius and you need a full updated from Connections DMC please let me know.

Leyla and Hannah’s twitter and witter bit of the Monday morning e mail

Leyla survived the Duke of Edinburgh (Retired) Award Orientation Expedition) She came back with most of her clothes not quite all her equipment. Leyla and her mates devoured all the sweets, crisps and chocolate, no surprises there then. She was wrecked and accepted that going to bed at 8.30PM on Monday evening was a good idea, normally it’s 10.30PM sometime I have to chase her upstairs at 11.00PM. On Tuesday morning, she was stiff and aching all over, at 6.45AM I woke her up for school and she protested that she didn’t have to go to school, none of the kids will be at school, I want to stay home. I was having none of it, she caught the school bus at 7.30AM and I was the worst Daddy in the world. As it turned out, only a few of her mates that were on the DOE trip turned up for school. Now, for me Leyla going into school was all about character, determination and discipline, the fact that we had to go collect her at lunch time was neither here nor there, she went into school and I love that. Leyla was away all day Sunday and when she arrived home on Monday evening Hannah would not leave her side, there was no doubt about it Hannah really missed her big sister, I’m not so sure Leyla missed her little sister, she was a bit busy but it was heart warming to watch Hannah hugging Leyla and Leyla brushing her off without success.

That’s it you are now up to date, have a great week.

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