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  • David J Marks


Happy sunny, dry, warm Monday morning, this is more like it. Blossom blooming or is that blooming blossom all over the place, all over my car this morning as well, I have to say the car looked rather fetching if messy.

The month of March, tick, done and sorted, hello April.

While you were all basking in spring sunshine and even a little spring rain pre April showers, I was enjoying the amazing sights and scenes of Reykjavik and the Icelandic countryside with Kristin, Linda, Linda, Linda (yes three Lindas at Nordic Visitor DMC) Ylfa, Fjola and the team at Nordic Visitor. The weather was good, sunny, dry, blue sky on only a little chilly in fact it was a balmy four degrees during the day. I had hoped for snow but you can’t have everything so my Mum tells me. We enjoyed a dip in the Blue Lagoon, a volcanically heated thermal pool (not warm enough for me), a trip to the Langjokull Glacier in super jeeps, that is jeeps with enormous wheels then some fun on the glacier driving snow bikes, snowmobiling, we went out on a boat for a bit of fishing and caught some enormous Icelandic cod, the crew grilled some of it there and then. A walking tour of Reykjavik city centre and lots of other stuff. Iceland is a unique destination on so many levels.

Only two more Monday’s until Easter Monday, the first UK Bank Holiday since Christmas will be Good Friday the week before, I think the Government should do something about that, we need more bank holidays.

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IMEX May 2017

IMEX Frankfurt starts on Tuesday 16th May, it’s never too early to start telling you which of the world class A list DMCs that MM and Company represent will be there. The runners and riders so far are;

GermanyInsight, Eva on Stand F110, Valentina TBC

Linda and Fjola, Nordic Visitor DMC Iceland on Stand F230

Lina El Fihry of Visit Morocco DMC on Stand D500

Filipe de Pina of TA DMC Portugal on Stand E205

Maros & Marek of Enjoy Slovakia DMC on Stand G270


Gaia Terrazzi of +39 Italy is here in London this week, we are both looking forward to meeting up with some clients and letting you know what’s new in Italy.


Marek at Enjoy Slovakia DMC will be over in the UK at the end of April, he is a great guy and I would love to introduce you to him. Please let me or Katharine know should you wish to have a full update on Slovakia this very new and unfamiliar to many destination, a great destination that fits the bill when your clients ask for new, different destination with quality hotels and venues.

Leyla and Hannah’s twitter and witter bit of the Monday morning e mail

On Friday night and Saturday lunch time it’s customary in a Jewish home to say a short prayer and a blessing over sweet red kosher wine and Cholla bread. For you who know me well I get the giggles very quickly and my girls do their very best to try and make me laugh during this prayer. It’s special family time and I’m sure the “Governor” wouldn’t mind us enjoying ourselves while giving thanks for the Sabbath, the wine and the bread. A custom is to fill a silver cup to the brim with Kiddush wine and to cover the cholla bread with a white decorated cholla cloth. Surface tension is the only thing keeping the wine from spilling however, once I start giggling that is it, surface tension is broken, the wine is all over the place. The girls high five each other, mission accomplished Daddy has spilt the wine all over the table the table cloth and the cholla cloth.

It’s a funny thing I can remember us doing the same thing when my Dad was saying Kiddush.

That’s it you are up to date wishing you and amazing April week

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