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  • David J Marks


It’s Monday again, I’m sure that we are now on a three day week as I simply cannot believe another week has just disappeared and we are now into the middle of March. I bet my big brother Allan can believe it as on Wednesday he officially becomes a Pensioner, chuckle chuckle, laugh out loud. Of course Allan J Marks is very much older than me by at least 15 years. He is going to be spitting feathers when he reads this.

I hope you all enjoyed the lovely weather we had last week. Sunny, dry, warm, the weather was personally imported from Marrakesh by me. For sure I brought the dry and the sunny back, the heat is not quite there yet but we are working on it.

So did you do anything for St Patricks Day? I had planned to take the girls to the St Patricks Festival in Trafalgar Square on Sunday, chance would have been a fine thing, both had other ideas and plans, beside the weather was dull, grey, very windy and cold, why is it the weather during the working week is lovely but goes downhill as soon as the weekend comes into view?

DMC News* MM and Company News * Destination News*

Portugal This week I’m out and about meeting up with lots of our wonderful clients and friends with Filipe de Pina of TA DMC Portugal. Sandra, Katharine and Rachel are in the office, if you need anything from me of an urgent nature I’m on my mobile 07710 031475.

Japan Geraint, James and the team at The J Team have informed us that Monday is a bank holiday in their beautiful country Japan. It’s to celebrate the spring equinox, what a great word equinox is. It’s called the spring equinox or the vernal equinox, another great word. Apparently, equinox means equal, equal day time and equal night time. Google is a great thing.

South Africa Shaun, Brad and Grant of The inside Edge Southern Africa DMC have been doing some amazing Community Social Responsibility projects as part of The Inside Edge team’s giving back to South African society project involving schools and children homes around South Africa

Italy Gaia Terrazzi of +39 Italy is popping over for a few days at the beginning of April to meet up with some clients. If you have time to meet with Gaia please let me know, she’s only here for a few days, I predict it will be a busy few days.

Cyprus I was talking to Spyros and Klea of Honeywell Incentives the other day, we are seeing Cyprus slowly coming back onto the conference and incentive radar, to be honest with you it’s been off the radar for a while and we are delighted to see it back on the menu once again. There are some great things to do in Cyprus from historic sites in Limassol including the iconic theatre at Kourion, a visit to Omodos village, the newly refurbished Limassol marina and of course Limassol castle, not forgetting the Sanctuary of Appollo. Cyprus, has it all, great beaches, awesome Greek and Roman ruins, great hotels and the very best DMC Honeywell Incentives.

Leyla and Hannah’s twitter and witter bit of the Monday morning e mail

You might have seen my Instagram post of last week that on Wednesday I went to see Yamato, the drummers of Japan, they were in London at the Peacock Theatre. All the family went, by the time I got the girls together and out of the house, we had no time for the planned dinner out so it was a sandwich at Costa, a quick visit to the Coop supermarket for sweets, chocolates and drinks and into the theatre. The lights went down, curtain went up, the drumming began, a tremendous spectacular. I counted nine guys, three girls, very lean and fit I guess you have to be drumming for two, one hour sessions, hard work. I was quite taken by the show, the girls were not, we were sitting at the front of the dress circle and as you theatre goers would know, the front of the dress circle has a large velvet covered soft padded ledge. I looked towards Leyla, she had shuffled forward in her seat, rested her head on the ledge and was fast asleep, believe me there was a lot of drumming going on and a lot of noise, but she was fast asleep. She woke briefly when the drumming performance included symbols. Ten minutes later, Hannah had joined Leyla in falling asleep, this time on Mum’s shoulder. An hour into the show there was an interval, yep you guessed it, we all went home.

Next time the Yamato drummers are in London instead of taking the girls I will take some of our amazing clients who have worked with The J Team DMC Japan, a perfect on message evening out, pre theatre drinks and dinner at The Delaunay (fab restaurant) 7.30 PM the show begins 10.10pm time for a farewell glass of bubbles, one for the road.

That’s it you are now fully up to date, I wish you an amazing week at work.

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