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  • David J Marks


Happy Monday guys I hope you had an amazing weekend, what a lovely day of weather we had on Saturday only to be ruined by a cold and very wet Sunday.

Every time I sit down to write my Monday morning email I find it crazy that the previous week has just disappeared, I start thinking about the Monday morning email on a Friday and I think to myself I cannot believe it’s Friday already, where did the week go? This week has been one of our busiest weeks in terms of site inspections, operating groups and new requests for our DMCs, I have six words to say thank you, thank you, thank you, without you out there, there we would not be busy at all.

On the first Sunday of every month I run in a competitive 10K run in Regents Park, I say competitive, I compete with myself against the clock trying to beat my best time lots of runner do indeed compete I simply cannot be doing with that although if I do see a runner around my age (37) I do my very best to beat him to the finishing line. Yesterday I did the 10K in my best time of the winter season 56 mins and 36 seconds if you do not believe me I can give you the web site that has all the results we each have a runners number and the number has a computer chip in it that logs the start and finishing time.

Finally this last comment may not mean much to some of you but to others it will mean a lot, Purim Sameach, have a great Purim weekend I shall be enjoying Purim in Marrakech with Lina, Dounia and the team at Visit Morocco DMC

DMC News* MM and Company News * Destination News*

Bratislava Marek, Maros and the team at Enjoy Slovakia DMC have got two new great ideas, a great new acitivity and an amazing classical gala dinner venue on offer in Bratislava. The venue first is the main reception hall of the Primate’s Palace, a grand neo-Classical palace in the Old Town. The palace was built as the winter residence of Cardinal Prince Batthyány. The palace, which today acts as the mayor’s office, is available for private events. A seated gala dinner for up to 100 delegates can be served here. The activity is to speed along the Danube to Devin Castle and see all of Bratislava's bridges, the city's modern riverside embankment and the Old Town. Another option is speeding down the Danube to Cunovo, where the Danubiana, a modern art museum, and water sports center are located. The highlight is the rafting at the channel where the Slovak Olympic champions train. Oh one last thing Bratislava now has the first floating brewery on the Danube! The on-board restaurant and microbrewery, which serves popular Patron beer, has a modern design, with fermentation tanks conveniently located in the middle of the ship. The views of Bratislava's unique panorama – including the Castle, the SNP Bridge and the Old Town. The restaurant serves traditional Slovak and Czech dishes. The venue is suitable for events of up to 300 guests.

Portugal Filipe de Pina of TA DMC Portugal is planning his return to the UK, he will be back in London later this month and we are already putting his schedule together. If you would like to meet up with Filipe please let us know, he will have a full update on what’s new and upcoming in Portugal.

Japan Geraint, James and the team at The J Team DMC have told us that one of the landmark hotels of Tokyo, The Tokyo Prince Hotel has just been totally refurbished, the hotel has extensive food and beverage outlets, it also has very comprehensive conference and meeting space with lots of break out rooms. To give you a price idea, the leading rack rate is approximately £220, once The J Team have worked their magic on the room rate with their friends in the Tokyo Prince Hotel sales department that rack rate will come down considerably making Japan very affordable.

Leyla and Hannah’s twitter and witter bit of the Monday morning e mail

Last week I missed one of my favourite client events of the year to attend for Leyla’s pre-GCSE choice open evening. I know my daughter and heir apparent is brilliant, I do not need her teachers to tell me, however I went along to hear what they had to say. My smile got bigger and bigger as the evening progressed, she is a bright, creative pupil that contributes at every lesson and yet again, I’m a proud Daddy. Next week is Purim, a fun Jewish minor holiday, the children will dress up, eat far too many sweets, attend far too many parties. Hannah is so looking forward to Purim, she has been planning her outfit for months, the amount of money I have given her for her dressing up outfit makes me think she is going to the Purim party dressed as Marie Antoinette with real jewellery, that gives you an idea what it’s cost me so far. Most of the items have been imported directly from China, she loves a website called Wish.

(SISTERS!!) Hannah came into my room on Wednesday morning as I was getting ready for work, “Daddy have you seen my red earphones?” (purchased from Wish). I said, “no baby, here borrow mine till you find yours”. Thursday evening at Leyla’s open evening Leyla said “Daddy, I need to tell you something, I nicked Hannah’s red earphones”, this did not come as a surprise whatsoever.

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