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  • David J Marks


Happy Monday, hummmm I have a question, is Happy Monday a contradiction in terms? For me definitely not, I think you know I like Mondays I get into the office and do a job that I know how to do. I’m still not sure even after fourteen years that I know how to be a father, I should add neither of the girls have packed up and left so maybe I’m doing something right.

OMG did Doris do damage duhhhh? The answer is yes, on my way to work Friday morning I saw two trees, a lamp post all downed by Doris, the glass door to our local Café Nero was blown back and it’s hinges and shattered. Can’t imagine what it must have been like up north.

Goodbye February, Hello March, is it possible that on Wednesday it will be the 1st March, St David’s Day have your Daffs at the ready, 50p a bunch from the flower stall at Finchley Road tube station. Ohhh one more thing don’t forget Marie Currie Cancer Charity whose logo is a daffodil.

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Spain Eulalia, Graciela, Mathilde and the team at TA Spain DMC always include a visit to Gaudi’s La Pedrera however they have a new slant to it, visiting this most stunning building at 9 o’clock in the evening, the building is atmospheric in any case, going there at night adds another new dimension. The highlight being a visit to the roof area with amazing views of the fabulous city of Barcelona at night.

Cyprus Klea and the team at Honeywell Incentives have told us that the Anassa’s Thalassa Spa has been named the top spa for 2017. They have dedicated, long-serving staff and a beautiful facility that has a lot of sunlight and fresh air. The restorative benefits of the maritime climate, seawater, and marine derivatives, Thalassa Spa focuses on individual, tailor-made treatments and entirely natural products. For more info on this amazing venue and other awesome venues in Cyprus please contact us or Klea at Honeywell Incentives.

Did you know? We all know that when travelling Wi-Fi can be very expensive, did you know that now you can rent a pocket Wi-Fi device for use when you travel to Asia. Ideal for a trip to Japan with The J Team DMC. This is a brilliant idea, it costs about £8 a day, you book it online, they deliver it to you before your departure to Asia and you have cheap Wi-Fi access on the move, it’s called Pocket Wi-Fi.

Leyla and Hannah’s twitter and witter bit of the Monday morning e mail

On Wednesday night as always, I took Leyla and Hannah’s phone from them at 10 o’clock, Hannah no problem, she gives it up, however Leyla is completely different story she does not give me her phone without a discussion, negotiation, then an argument which I win every time, I took the phone as that is the rules. I instantaneously became the worst father in the world, I have broad shoulders.

Thursday morning Leyla left for school at 7.30AM, at 7.40AM just as I was leaving the house my phone rings, it’s Leyla. “Daddy”, “Yes Leyla” was my response “Daddy I have left my Chemistry homework on the top of the printer “oh dear” was my response. “Daddy, can you please take photographs of each page and What’s App the documents?”, my response “but I’m the worst Daddy in the world, I’m useless, why would the worst Daddy in the world do that”, “oh I don’t mean it Daddy”, “I know you don’t but you said it”, “please, you know I say things that I don’t mean”, “so now am I the best Daddy in the world?”, a teenage grunt was the response, I sent her the documents.

How different life is today if I went to school and forgot my homework that was that I got a detention ,now the kids don’t have to remember anything, they just have to have a compliant father.

That’s it you are now fully up to date!

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