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  • David J Marks


Happy Monday morning, well that is January sorted, January is always, in my opinion the slowest month of the year. February starts on Wednesday then we really get going although January has been quite a good month for us at MM and Company.

Kung Hey Fat Choi, Happy Chinese New Year to everyone who is celebrating. If you are not celebrating it why not? It’s a great excuse for a party and some excellent Chinese food. This year is the year of the Rooster, each Chinese New Year is characterised by one of 12 animals which appear in the Chinese zodiac. Happy New Year greetings in Mandarin is gong-sshee faa-tseye and in Cantonese is Kunghei fatchoy. People born in the Year of the Rooster are characterised as honest, energetic, intelligent, flexible and confident. The general image of people in this zodiac sign is that they are hardworking, resourceful, confident and talented. In addition, their active, talkative and engaging ways make them popular with people. They are happiest when they are in company, enjoying the spotlight. Lucky signs for the Rooster are lucky numbers: 5, 7, 8 lucky colours: brown, gold and yellow.

Famous people born under the rooster sign Rudyard Kipling, Benjamin Franklin, Prince Philip, Joan Collins, Dolly Parton, ​Michelle Pfeiffer, Roger Federer, Serena Williams, Beyonce, Eric Clapton and Yoko Ono.

So the Brexit arguments rumbles on, our PM has been in the USA and Turkey. President Trump is on the box seemly all day long maybe the BBC should be renamed Trump TV. The BBC 24 hour news channel has got a program called 100 days all they talk about is the first 100 days of the Trump administration. It seems Trump really is putting the cat amongst the pigeons in fact several cats. Another saying spring to mind Loose Canon hopefully not a loose nuclear cannon.

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Iceland After a lovely warm few days with Davina, Anusha and the team at Connections DMC Mauritius I am off to meet up with three ladies called Linda, a lady called Perla and one called Ylfa who all make up the amazing team of DMC professionals at Nordic Visitor DMC in Iceland. The weather is looking very Icelandic, with a temperature between 1◦C and 5◦C a bit of snow I also have to mention here that Iceland is WARMER than it was in the UK last week. I haven’t been to Iceland for a couple of years so I am really looking forward to the visit. In fact I will also be in Iceland at the end of March hosting a business development trip aka FAM trip

Cancun Mexico 2017 is the 20th year that MM and Company have been representing The EPIC group with offices in Cancun, Mexico City, Los Cabos and Puerto Vallarta. Lots has changed recently in Cancun and Riviera Maya new hotels have opened some hotels have changed ownership and management. New and exciting funky things to do so we have updated the MM and Company website Cancun page, worth checking it out. In addition, the Mexican Pesos has weakened, it has recently dropped 20% in value which means that things in Cancun are cheaper on the ground than they were last year. There are lots of good reasons to consider Cancun as a conference and incentive destination, the ones I have just mentioned are but a few for more information contact Manuel or Suzanne at The EPIC group or as ever give us a ring.

Morocco Lina, Dounia and the team at Visit Morocco have told us that Iberostar will open its 3rd hotel in Morocco in April this year, The Iberostar Club Palmeraie Marrakech used to be called the Club Dorador-the hotel has been completely renovated. The hotel will feature 318 rooms, a spa, 3 swimming pools and an aquapark. There are meeting rooms for 80 to 600 people grounds of eleven hectares.

Panama and Costa Rica Hocine and the team at Quetzal Motivo DMC have told us that new catamarans have arrived in Panama. There is a new 23 meter and 25 meter catamarans they can accommodate up to 90 pax.

That’s it you are now up to date, wishing you an amazing week ahead.

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