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  • David J Marks


Slightly thawed out Monday morning greetings from London W10. It was a cold one last week, in fact cold enough for me to be reunited in love and affection with my hot water bottle. There is something about a hot water bottle that makes going to bed even more special after a hard day at the Conference and Incentive coal face.

PHEW, the Austrian people have seen sense and have voted in a President that does not have extreme right wing views. Well done Austria. I am sure Martin, Evelyn and the team at e+o meeting, event & travel management GmbH the DMC we represent in Austria will be pleased with the result.

I’m delighted to say that we are still getting new requests and confirmations although I’m getting the distinct feeling things are beginning to slow down. We still had a number of groups operating last week, a site inspection to Japan, South Africa and one to Mauritius.

Next week I’m out and about with Gaia of +39 Italy then it’s off to see Eva and the germanyinsight team Frankfurt office for a quick couple of days checking out Frankfurt and the amazing cities on the edge of Frankfurt city itself and of course a long shmoos around the famous German Christmas markets.

DMC News* MM and Company News * Destination News*

MM and Company News At the start of 2017 you will notice a distinct change in the MM and Company logo, our emails, letter heads and various other marketing paraphernalia that MM and Company produce, we will be celebrating a very special year.

Japan I know I mentioned this to you last week but it is such a great offer I decided, just in case you missed it last week I would tell you again about this great offer. James Kent and the team from The J Team together with Sylvia Smith from Hyatt Hotels & Resorts have both told us about an amazing offer that the Grand Hyatt Tokyo has in the conference and incentive market place, Grand Hyatt Tokyo had announced an awesome great value Winter Group Rate;

From: 11th November 2016 – 25th March 2017 (Blocked out dates: 31st December 2016 – 3rd January 2017 and 20th February 2017 – 24th February 2017) Room: Grand Room (42m2/ non smoking) Special Offer: JPY 34,000 (single occupancy/ JPY 37,000 (double occupancy)

The above rates are quoted on per room and per night, including full breakfast and service charge and commissionable. That above rates are exclusive of 8% consumption tax per room and JPY200 nightly accommodation tax per person.

Please indicate “Winter Special Group Rate” when making your booking requests. The above rates are applicable only for new group bookings of more than 10 rooms under 30 rooms per day, subject to availability during the specified promotion periods. Check-in time 5.00pm (earlier check-in may be accepted based on availability) Check- out time 12.00 Advanced deposit by bank transfer will be required prior to group’s arrival date

This offer proves that Japan as a conference and incentive destination, is very affordable, not only is it affordable but it’s a very unique destination. Whenever I’m talking to a client about Japan I mention ten words that sum up the destination; Cherry Blossom, Sushi, Bonzai, Saki, Bullet train, Kyoto, Hiroshima, Geisha, Sumo and Samurai enough said!

Italy Lorenzo, Heather, Gaia and the team at +39 Italy have told us that in Milan it will be Bank Holiday on Wednesday 7th December, it’s the Festival of St Ambrose. This holiday in only celebrated in Milan, there is a street market near the Piazza of Sant’Ambrogio, the market sells all kinds of local food and drinks as well as arts and crafts. On Thursday the 8th December, there is an Italy wide Bank Holiday, it’s the Feast of the Immaculate Conception. The day commemorates when Mary the mother of Jesus was graced by God to lead a life free of sin.

Leyla and Hannah’s twitter and witter bit of the Monday morning e mail

On Tuesday Leyla celebrated her fourteenth birthday, she got Timberland boots as her main present which freed my Timberland boots from being held hostage by Leyla and several pairs of large woolly socks. Her Timberlands are size five and a half and mine are size seven, the several pairs of woolly socks enabled my large Timberlands to fit her. She also got a ticket to see Justin Bieber in concert at the 02 Arena, lucky me, I got to go with her. There were lots of Mums and Dads at the concert accompanying their offspring mainly girls between the ages of six and sixteen. I’m going to admit to you something, I didn’t think I would enjoy the concert, however it was a very good concert, I even recognised a few of his songs. The production and the set of the concert was excellent. The lighting was amazing. As soon as Justin Bieber came on the stage Leyla screamed and screamed and screamed, her favourite expression after screaming was oh my God, oh my God, oh my God. Which to be honest with you slightly got on my nerves but that was it. Oh BTW if you don’t believe me I have videos of the concert with Justin singing and Leyla oh my godding.

It occurs to me you have been reading about her Bat Mitzvah for several months now so if you would like to come to St John’s Wood Synagogue to witness this momentous event do let me know we would love to have you there. Send me an email and by return we will send you an invitation.

That’s all for this Monday I hope you have an amazing week

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