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  • David J Marks


Greetings from London W10, hope you’re well. November is disappearing fast, we are half way through November and the diary could not get anymore full.

Have you seen the John Lewis Christmas Ad yet? Buster the Dog? What is all that about? I guess it will float some peoples’ boat. The Marks and Spencer Christmas ad is brilliant, I think it knocks The John Lewis ad out of the ring for sure Mr and Mrs Claus and their sorting out a family fight, brilliant. Very much a story of today. The House of Fraser advert has got real energy even if the House of Fraser doesn’t. Such excitement as we head downhill all the way to the end of December Whilst you were sheltering from the rain and the cold last week, I was soaking up the sun shine whilst hosting a Business Development trip to Mauritius with Connections DMC. It always amazes me, one gets on a plane on a freezing cold wet, rainy Sunday afternoon in London and by Monday morning one is in the tropical heat and sunshine of the Indian ocean island that is Mauritius. Anusha, Davina and the team at Connections DMC did an amazing job as they always do, their hospitality and the hospitality of Beachcomber Hotels and Shangri-La Le Touessrok was generous, indeed, on occasions overwhelming. We saw venues, we stayed in amazing hotels, ate and drank far too much, well it was a Business Development Event. Mauritius never fails to impress; it delivers on so many levels and at so many price points. Mauritius does luxury extremely well, the Island also is able to do a great conference and incentive at an affordable price, Mauritius has excellent hotels for every budget. The best thing about hosting a business development event is the relationships we build with our hosted guests I am totally sure that I have six new FRIENTS (a David word) i.e. clients and friends.

OMG President Elect Trump, if Brexit could happen so why not Trump winning the Presidency? What a change from last Monday to Saturday they say a week in politics is a long time and the pictures on the TV of Mr Trump could not have presented a more different man. Guess he has got to be given a chance. As they say “the people have spoken” Did you see the Brazilian Grand Prix over the weekend? Lewis Hamilton what an amazing driver, in all that rain, with crashes all over the place add to the pot the pressure he must have put himself under and he still managed to win, awesome.

DMC News* MM and Company News * Destination News* IBTM BARCELONA 29th November – 1st December 2016

Brad Glenn, Managing Director of The Inside Edge South Africa has told me he will be at IBTM. He does not have a stand but I’m reliably informed by Brad that he knows some excellent restaurants and bars. Brad is coming over specifically to IBTM to meet up with clients and friends, present and past, I know he would like to meet up with you. If you are attending IBTM and you have a lunch time or evening to spare please let me or Brad know on

So far the declared DMC runners and riders that MM and Company represent who will be attending IBTM Barcelona are as follows;

+39 Italy – Stand K22 Connections Mauritius – Stand O50 Enjoy Slovakia – Stand D15 please make time to meet our experienced team of DMC professionals based in Slovakia, the latest signing to MM and Company Honeywell Cyprus – Stand B45 Microcosmos Budapest – Stand G20 Nordic Visitor – Stand E10 Quetzal Motivo – Stand M80 TA Spain & TA Portugal – Stand B75 Visit Morocco – Stand J80 The J Team – Stand H80

Germany Frankfurt Last week I mentioned Frankfurt, I’m going to mention it again this week. We are running a business development trip to Frankfurt primarily but not exclusively to see the CHRISTMAS MARKETS amongst other things. We have put together an invitation list of our agency friends, clients and colleagues who have business to Frankfurt or an interest in learning more on Frankfurt as a conference and incent

ive destination. Eva and the team at our DMC Cornerstone Meetings (part of Germanyinsight) are sorting the ground element, we are staying at The Marriott Hotel on this trip. So if Frankfurt is on your or your clients preferred destination list and you need to do some Christmas shopping, let me know. We have ten seats confirmed and some have already been snapped up. The response was amazing and we have a number of guests confirmed. I have received approval to buy more British Airways airplane tickets if necessary so if you’re interested in attending let me know.

Leyla and Hannah’s twitter and witter bit of the Monday morning e mail

As I write this to you late on Sunday evening I am totally amazed at how different my girls are Leyla almost 14 years old spent all day in her bedroom (is this normal?) I went to synagogue came home at 1PM went up to her room to tell her lunch was ready, “no thank you Daddy I am not hungry” and that was it. I manged to coax Leyla from her bedroom on Saturday evening, I ordered pizza her favourite. Hannah almost 12 years old is so very different at 8.30AM on Saturday she was ready to walk to Synagogue with me, she help lay the table for lunch. By 5PM Hannah was at the computer doing her homework without any suggestions from anyone. Hannah was very excited about attending her very first Bat Mitzvah party on her own, in her own right without sister or parent attending. Saturday evening she said OK Daddy this is my plan for tomorrow. “ I will get up at 9AM finish my homework then at 11.25 you will take me to my Bat Mitzvah lesson with the Rabbi’s Wife Rachie. At 12.30 pick me up we will go to Bubbleology to get my favourite bubbleology drink. Then at 1.15PM we will have lunch. After lunch I will shower, wash my hair, you can dry it and straighten it (gee thanks) then I will get my clothes ready and you can take me to Annabel’s house where we are going to get ready for the party. IF that was Leyla all that would be done 15 minutes AFTER she was supposed to be at the party.

That’s it you are up to date with everything I hope you have an amazing week ahead

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