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  • David J Marks


Autumn greetings from London W10, I hope you’re well.

According to the meteorical office Autumn has started, I do not think so especially not last week in the south and indeed the north west of the UK, the weather was fabulous. Mind you I think it had a lot to do with the fact that I was with Anusha Soopal of Connections DMC Mauritius, she definitely brought the sunshine from Mauritius with her. We had an amazing week up North, in London, in the west of England and if you are following me on Instagram and Facebook (if you are not why not may I ask?) you will have seen numerous photographs of Anusha and her travels around England.

DMC News* MM and Company News * Destination News*


Whilst being on sales calls with Anusha Soopal of Connections DMC, I have been listening to her presentations over the past week and I could almost word for word give the presentation on her behalf. Anusha tells me that the Shangri-La Le Touessrok Resort & Spa in Mauritius is doing very well. The One and Only Le Saint Geran will be closing at the end of the year for a 100% rebuild. The Sugar Beach is being renovated at the end of this year and there is a brand new good quality four star hotel called The Ravenala Attitude that has just opened.

Connections DMC Mauritius as ever are investing in a number of really funky new activities; I could describe what they are but Anusha would be upset with me. The best thing to do is to send us an email with the dates of your arrival in Mauritius and we will show all of them to you first hand.


Lina, Dounia and the team at Visit Morocco has asked us to put together a Business Development Trip to Morocco. There is no doubt about it, interest in Morocco is picking up, it’s been off the radar for a short while but is coming back strongly which is why we have decided to do a Business Development Event, we have ten British Airways seats reserved for the trip, I know for a fact six of them have been filled with conference and incentive clients that have asked us to do a trip to Morocco. If Marrakech in Morocco is of interest and I’m sure it will be to you please let me know, we would be delighted to confirm your place on the trip.

IMEX Las Vegas


From Florida, Clementine Moore of C Florida Hospitality will be at IMEX as a visitor

So far the declared DMC runners and riders that MM and Company represent who will be attending IMEX USA are as follows;

The J Team, Japan

TA, Spain

Quetzal Motivo, Costa Rica & Panama

Leyla and Hannah’s twitter and witter bit of the Monday morning e mail

Every week Leyla’s Maths teacher sends me an email informing me of the homework Leyla has to do. In the email he mentions Leyla has her Log in details to enable her to access the school computer, I respond to the Maths teacher saying, I know my daughter well, could you please send me her Log in details, which he did. During the course of the weekend, I ask Leyla, “have you got any homework?” “No Daddy” was the response. “Are you sure you haven’t got any Maths homework?” “Well er yes, I do have some but I can’t do it as I do not have my Log in details for the school computer”. My darling daughter Leyla, aren’t you lucky, I have your Log in details. It goes without saying, that I instantly became the worst Daddy in the world, a title I’m quite used to. I gave her the Log in details, I sat with her as she logged into the school computer and I left her doing her homework. Imagine my surprise when I got an email from the teacher informing me that Leyla had not done her homework. She was grounded over the weekend and chained to the computer to enable her to complete last week and this week’s homework. You might be surprised to learn that I have become not only the worst Daddy in the world but the most horrible one as well. I can foresee me retaining the title for several months.

Hannah has been saving her birthday money and last Chanukah money for several months however I am not sure what she is saving for. On Sunday she invited two friends over to the house and they went off for a pizza at the local shopping center close to our home called the O2. Pizza Express and Yo Sushi are her favorite eating places. She was about to leave and she of course asked for money. “Hannah what have you done with your pocket money” I asked “I am saving it” was her response. “Saving for what baby?” “Not sure Daddy” “Hannah you have quite a lot of money in your purse that I am look after for you” “Yes Daddy but it is lunch time and that is your responsibly” was her final play. She will make an amazing Lawyer. Hannah got £20 I did remind her I wanted an account of what was spent and the change.

Well that’s you up to date, wishing you a great week ahead.

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