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  • David J Marks


Happy Monday morning I hope you are fit and well ready for a full on everyone back to work week ahead, although driving to work this morning the traffic was still on the light side of what it normally is.

What a beautiful Sunday we had daaaan saffff, dry, sunny and warm not bad for September having said that Saturday’s weather was rubbish. The weather forecast tells us this week will be a lovely dry sunny and warm week we shall see the sun is peaking through so that is hopefully a sign of things to come.

I felt for Hilary Clinton last night bless her, she can’t even collapse in peace without someone pointing a camera lens at her. I wish her better. I wonder what would happen is someone took a pot shot at Trump and succeeded and Clinton could not continue what would happen? Would their running mates for Vice President take over?

Last week I did two monumental things, the first was I got going on INSTAGRAM my handle is David.pasha I learnt that the things one posts on Instagram you can also simultaneously post of Facebook so that is what I did. The second thing was a two day trip to Budapest to meet up with Agnes, Dori, Nora, Linda and the team at Microcosmos DMC in Budapest. This was my ohhh at least 20th time to the city and every single time I go there I see something new

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Marek and Maros of Enjoy Slovakia DMC work a lot with the Grand Hotel River Park, a luxury collection hotel. This hotel has a wonderful riverside lounge which the guys tell me is the place to see and be seen. The Grand Hotel River Park also has an amazing Zion Spa on the eleventh floor of the hotel, it’s the place to be pampered.


I was in Budapest last week to meet up with Agnes, Dori, Nora, Linda and the team at Microcosmos DMC we have been representing the team there since 1999. This was a quick there and back trip to see the new and exciting things in the city.

Where to start? There is a new Ritz Carlton which is as I am sure you can imagine excellent it is very elegant. The Kempinski Hotel is looking very sharp, they have upgraded their meeting space which is excellent. The hotel itself has under gone renovations it’s a great hotel I love staying there, the hotel is five minutes’ walk from The Danube and five minutes’ walk to the pedestrian shopping area with terrific bars and restaurant and I should add event venues close by. The City has finally refurbished the Vigado which is terrific event space. Budapest is such a great destination two hours from London great air access with BA and Wizz Air to mention two airlines other fly there as well hotel rates of both four and five star hotels are well within reason the food is excellent and very much within budget I guess that is why the city is doing so well with UK conference and incentive clients.

Costa Rica – Central America

Nathalie Vermeiren and Pauline Braconnier of Quetzal Motivo, have told us two of their favourite places in Costa Rica; the first La Sorbetera de Lolo Moro, an ice-cream shop in the Central Market has been going since 1901, serving only once choice – vanilla with nutmeg and cinnamon. Why complicate things when your signature offering is this good. The second being Café Miel, Costa Rica produces some exceptional coffee, but much of it is destined for the export market. This cute little café and juice bar in Barrio Otoya sources the good stuff and brews it well, too.


Sharad and the team at SNTTA Emir Incentives and Conferences have told us that Eid Al Adha holidays is declared from Sunday 11th to Tuesday 13th September, this will be a long weekend in UAE starting from Friday 9th September. The office will be manned during the holidays as it is done during the weekend.

Sharad, Jean Yan and Pascal have also told us about the world’s largest indoor Theme Park in Dubai just opened on 1st September. It’s the first mega themed entertainment destination promising visitors the excitement of four epic adventure zones in one local, definitely worth a see.

IMEX Las Vegas

So far the declared DMC runners and riders that MM and Company represent who will be attending IMEX USA are as follows;

The J Team, Japan

TA, Spain

Quetzal Motivo, Costa Rica & Panama

Leyla and Hannah’s twitter and witter bit of the Monday morning e mail

Life is now back to normal from a Monday – Friday point of view everyone knows what they need to do, get up at the right time in order to catch the bus or the tube to school they know what to wear what they have to take with them and leave behind

They know what time to leave school to come home and do what they need to do. Ahhh yes the girls still have to be reminded, no good just to leave them to get on with it if I did that nothing would happen for sure. At last Leyla’s school have got on the program Leyla now has to turn her phone off when she arrives at school and she can only turn it back on when she leaves, halleblloomingyah, common sense at last. Hannah, from day 1, had to turn her phone off as she arrived at school.

Hannah for the first time since 3rd July when she had the car accident and broke her leg walked to Synagogue on Saturday, an achievement on the route to full rehabilitation. I missed walking with her to Shul every Saturday, we would walk chat and have real quality time just me and her. Leyla, since her bat mitzvah does not come to shul as often as I would like her to be hey no point in forcing her that would be totally counterproductive.

Well that’s about it I could go on about the girls for much longer but we all have work to do.

Thank you for reading my Monday morning e mail have a great week ahead

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