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  • David J Marks


Happy Monday, on this the last week of July, I hope you’re well and I hope you had a good weekend. Cor what a scorcher! My favourite headline for two days last week I love that kind of weather, it was the first time I had left the house without a jacket or a hoodie of any kind and two of the days last week I walked to work, something I enjoy doing but only when the weather is nice.

Am I right in thinking that last week, there wasn’t a major terrorist incident in Europe, I think I am and that has got to be good news, long may it continue. However there were incidents of wilful death and destruction by three teenagers, one incident on a train, one outside McDonalds and one attack last night at a bus stop. Far too many, I wonder what puts these types of ideas into the minds of today’s teenagers, computer games? Perhaps movies and TV well whatever the spark that ignites the anger it needs to be found and eradicated.

I see our new PM Ms May had a good PM Question Time in the House of Commons. Did you see the TV news? When she sat down at the end of PMQs you could see the relief on her face.

Oh I must tell you that I have some very important friends, how do I know they are important well one friend Dan was awarded an Honorary Doctorate from Bristol University Law Faculty and another friend became a Professor of Cardiology no that guys is pretty cool. I am very proud to be a friend of both of them. I bask in their reflected glory.

DMC News* MM and Company News * Destination News*

Nothing to report and I guess it will be the same for the month of August, sometimes nothing to report is worth reporting.

Leyla and Hannah’s twitter and witter bit of the Monday morning e mail

Hannah’s week last week was a very busy, end of year and primary school, graduation there she was in her mortar board cap, gown and broken leg. Sadly, she had to miss out on a few activities at the end of year party, she was advised not to go on the bouncy castle, good advice that she took. She also did not take part in the traditional end of school water fight in the local park she cannot get her leg cast wet. My little girl is going to big school in September, now I’m not much of an emotions, chocked up kind of guy but seeing Hannah in her cap and gown graduating from primary school did have an emotional effect. I should also say that seeing her after she got knocked down by a car got to me as well. Yikees my emotional gene must have sprung into life.

Leyla’s second week off holiday has not seen her emerge from her bedroom before midday, fortunately I have not been there to see it because that would really make me annoyed, I’m normally up and about by 6.30am during the week and 8am at the latest at the weekend. I’m a morning person clearly, my eldest daughter is not and I think she goes out of her way to prove that she isn’t a morning person. I suggested that I would take a day off a week to spend just with her, going somewhere doing something just the two of us; a visit to Stonehenge boring, a day out to Stratford Upon Avon boring, a visit to Cadbury’s factory boring, day out in Brighton by the sea boring was her stock reply. A day out finding Go Pokémon’s on her phone in the west end, now you’re talking Dad. Except last week her behaviour was so bad, her phone has been confiscated so searching for Pokemon’s without a phone doesn’t work, hopefully she gets her phone back Sunday subject to behaviour. I still do not think she wants to have Dad and Daughter time, well not just yet.

That’s it folks you are totally up to date. Happy holidays watch out for the traffic jams in Dover if you are going that way.

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