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  • David J Marks


Happy Monday morning and for all our American friends here and across The Pond Happy USA Independence Day according to Numero Uno Buffon Boris Johnson we in the UK now have an Independence Day (from the EU) that two thirds of the UK populations did not want

I hope you’re having a good summer so far by summer, I mean May to September, the supposed summer weather of course is a completely different story, which to be honest I’m going to give a wide berth. June was the worst month I can remember for summer weather. Sunday was a nice day and Saturday’s weather can only be described again as och and vey

Another week of madness suicide savages wreaking havoc on the innocent citizens of Turkey and many nations of the world at Istanbul Ataturk airport, an airport I know extremely well. No words can adequately describe to you how angry I was at seeing the images on the BBC news, so many innocent lives taken from families destroyed. We cannot just accept these tragic incidents as an everyday activity comment needs to be made to ensure it doesn’t become a norm.

Not to mention the craziness that is going on in Pakistan and Bagdad

I am writing this to you whilst watching France v Iceland, I am happy to say Iceland have just scored a goal, sadly France has scored five but hey Iceland has done soooooo well to get as far as they have got. Iceland punches well above its weight both in football and as an amazing conference and incentive destination

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Anusha Soopal of Connections DMC Mauritius is planning her return, she will be back in September and we are already putting her schedule together. If you would like to meet up with Anusha in September please let us know, she will have a full update on what’s new and funky in Mauritius.

Leyla and Hannah’s twitter and witter bit of the Monday morning e mail

OMG a parents worse nightmare, Last Sunday afternoon 5.15pm the phone rang, it was a family friend, we heard those words Hannah has been hit by a car. Words as a parent indeed a partner or friend you never want to hear. The adrenalin overdrive kicked in, I ran down the road to find my little eleven year old daughter lying on the pavement in severe pain and shock. When I saw her to be honest, I was relieved, she was breathing, screaming, conscious and crying she wasn’t in bits, there was no blood that I could see. Phew a relief. I got to her, knelt down behind her and cradled her upper body on my lap, re-assurance for both of us. Her right leg was swelling and it was clear damage had been done. She was crossing a narrow access road that she had crossed hundreds of times, I had crossed it thousands of times and only once maybe twice had I had to stop to allow a car to pass. It was a simple case of Hannah being focused on what she wanted to get from the corner shop again, something she had done many, many times before and not stopping or looking for traffic as in her mind there is never any traffic on this small access road. As I was reassuring Hannah the whole neighbourhood came out, Leyla ran down the road in all her finery as she was going to a Bar Mitzvah party that evening, Leyla sat next to us and was quite upset so much so that she gave Hannah her I phone to play with to take her mind off the pain a sacrifice indeed. Whilst we waited for the ambulance I noticed blood on my jeans, I knew it wasn’t mine, all of a sudden my adrenaline levels sky rocketed I said “where is the blood coming from” then I saw Hannah’s elbow that had got severe road rash, when she was knocked over her leg and elbow took the force, it was grazed big time The police were brilliant, the first responder medic was great, the ambulance crew were sympathetic, warm and wonderful.

Once Hannah was in the ambulance being assessed and no longer in pain thanks to the drugs give, I had a chat with the 28 (or so) driver of the car absolving him of any fault, he was really shaken as well. I went in the ambulance to A&E at the Royal Free, Ayse took Leyla to the Bar Mitzvah party at a function room located in the Emirates Stadium.

The medical staff at The Royal Free were very good, her Tibia and Fibula, the two bones in her lower right leg were both broken. Her leg was set in a plaster cast and she was admitted on to ward 6 North for overnight observation. Ayse stayed with Hannah in the hospital, I collected Leyla from the party and so the first three days my week last week went pear shaped. We got Hannah back home on Monday afternoon, she went to school on Thursday and was the centre of attention. She has a cast from foot to mid-thigh, she is getting used to taking time, she is also becoming skilled at getting around with crutches.

And so dear friends you are up to date I hope you have a great week in the forecasted sunshine.

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