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  • David J Marks


Happy Monday, I hope you are well and that you had a terrific weekend. Here is the weather forecast. Rubbish, nothing to write home about, we, in the UK get one day of sunshine and pay for it by enduring five days of rain. Last week it was not warm it was very un-June like, the weekend just gone was nothing to write home about either. Saturday was dull, grey, overcast. Sunday slightly better, so therefore today we are paying for it with torrential rain.

There was however something to write home about, that was The Meetings Show, more about that later.

Last week we had the tragedy of two shootings of innocent people in Orlando, two weeks ago it was a shooting of innocent people in Tel Aviv restaurant and last Thursday we learned of the sad loss of Jo Cox, the MP for Labour, another outrage. There is only one authority that can take life and that is the highest spiritual authority there is. What gives a human being the power of life or death over another human being? Tragedies all over the world, it’s enough, no more.

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The Meetings Show

The show has been confined to the annals of history, the first two days were awesome, met lots of good friends and clients, some great friends from the industry were exhibiting, it’s such a lovely industry that we work in, we are lucky and blessed. The last day was a struggle, the football was on, everybody was tired but we made the best of it that is for sure.

I think the biggest challenge I had all week at the Meeting Show was that we had Anna from Nordic Visitor our DMC in Iceland and Filipe from TA DMC Portugal both on the stand and on Tuesday the Euro 2016 had Iceland playing Portugal. Filipe was banging on about Portugal winning 3-0. Happily they didn’t, the result was a 1-1 draw. The right result for everyone concerned.

On Thursday at 2PM England was playing Wales, I didn’t need to watch the game, the loud deafening ohhhs, ahhhs and cheers clearly transmitted what was going on in the game the loudest cheer was the late winning goal by England. Once the football was over the exhibition hall emptied.


James Kent of The J Team DMC is planning his annual family holiday trip to the UK after all his Mum and Dad are British. He has suggested it would be kind of nice seeing as he is in the UK to meet up with some past, present and future clients of The J Team DMC Japan. James and I are putting some idea together almost certainly a Japan focused dinner will be on the cards, more details soon.

If you would like to meet up with James please let me know.

Leyla and Hannah’s twitter and witter bit of the Monday morning e mail

In my attempt to get the girls off the couch in front of the TV and to get them to put down their I devices, I sold them the idea of raising money for charity and to join the Maccabi sponsored Jewish Community fun run.

The girls decided that they would raise money for Cancer in memory of their Papa (my Dad) and Multiple Sclerosis as one of their friends Mum’s suffers from that debilitating disease. I stressed on them the importance of doing training, training entailed watching TV eating crisps and cookies, I do believe they watched a video where one of the characters went for a run.

The Maccabi fun run embraced all levels, 1 Kilometer walk for the babies and grandparents, a 5 Kilometer walk and run or a 10 Kilometer. The girls did the 5K run with a lot of walking, Hannah completed the course in 1 hour and 4 mins, Leyla did it in 58 mins.

My 10K run was not great I needed more training, I completed the run in 1 hour 7 mins.

Thank you to my amazing Meeting Show DMCs that sponsored my girls, If you would like to donate to the girls, I would love you to donate so just let me know.

Leyla has had a week of exams last week, I asked her how she got on and got very little response. Each time I ask her I get her signature response which is and it has been for a few months now, her tongue being popped out of her mouth, I do not know why she does that, I kind of ignore it because if I draw attention to it, she will only do it more, guess it’s got a lot to do with her being almost fourteen years old. I will have to see her school report but according to Leyla, she has cracked every single exam, I do hope so.

Hannah for the very first time spent two nights away from home on a school trip, she was nervous, excited and apprehensive about the trip. She started the packing process on Saturday afternoon and packed then unpacked, then she re-packed. I dropped her off on Monday, she was so excited bless her. Only two nights away but to her it seemed like forever, she had a terrific time. Hannah told me she cried on the first night away but soon got used to it, her words not mine. The high light of the trip was a day out at Chessington World of Adventure

That’s it you are up to date, wishing you a terrific week, if you are on holiday next week I hope you have a terrific holiday with lots of sunshine.

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