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  • David J Marks


Hello I’m back. Did you miss me? I missed writing to you. OMG May is almost done and dusted, this is moving far too fast for my liking. I need May, June, July and August to have at least six weeks in each month. Typical, the weather gets all sunny and hot and I leave to go on a site inspection. I am told the temperature got up to 27 degrees C when I was away. As soon as I got back the mercury plummeted it got cold and started raining.

Do you remember where I told you I was going? I spent four days in Costa Rica with Nathalie and Pauline of Quetzal Motivo DMC Costa Rica and another four day in Panama with Arno, Jose and Lionel of Quetzal Motivo DMC Panama in total an amazing eight days of discovering two awesome destinations that are totally fit for purpose (a great political saying although the politicians are always saying it is not fit for purpose whether it is the NHS or The Home Office) when it comes to conferences and especially incentives.

Costa Rica is an amazing destination in just a few buzz words I will try and sum up Costa Rica whilst I write a full blog to be published in a week or so time. Costa Rica is direct flights with British Airways from Gatwick, eleven hours and you are in coffee plantation country, rainforest terrain, active volcanoes, waterfalls, thermal pools, amazing wildlife, butterflies, spectacular wild flowers, rainforest zip lines canopy walks, excellent hotels terrific beaches and excellent venues in fact the perfect incentive destination.

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The Meetings Show June 2016 Olympia

Our Stand number is A2, looking at the plan of The Meetings Show, as you enter the main door we are immediately on the left hand side so I would say come and see us but I don’t think you will be able to miss us on the MM and Company stand. I’m still trying to persuade Muge Altug of Dekon DMC Turkey as well as Valeria and Olga of Russian Event to come to the show.

Our DMCs attending The Meeting Show so far are;

+39 Italy


This week I am out and about in the UK with Anusha of Connections DMC Mauritius we will be in London, Oxford, Leeds, Manchester and South West London meeting clients letting them know what is new and funky in Mauritius. A week out of the office meeting clients with one of my favourite DMC people, my idea of a perfect week. I sooo hope the sun will be shining and the weather will be dry.

Leyla and Hannah’s twitter and witter bit of the Monday morning e mail

Where do my kids get the big ideas from? oh oh I am again sounding like my Dad used to sound. Leyla come to me and says “Daddy look this is a great offer on the internet, usually the price is £60.00 but I can get TWO yes Daddy TWO for the same price as one” “that’s lovely darling what is it?” was my reply “lip gloss set” was Leyla’s response. Needless to say the offer could be buy one get 50 free and still the offer would not be redeemed, lip stick for a 13 year old over my dead cold and lifeless body which funnily enough Leyla did think about I am certain of that.

We had great news for Hannah this week she has been offered a place at JFS the Jewish state secondary school, which is a relief to everyone in the Marks family especially Leyla, Hannah and myself, Leyla is relived that she won’t have her little sister trailing behind her at the same school, Hannah is relieved that she will not be in the shadow of her big sister at her new school. Me, I am relieved that I do not have to fund two children at a private school. Result.

On Sunday the girls were in front of the TV, it was a nice day. I said “OK girls we are going out right now” without the argument I expected they both said “let’s go to Paddington Recreation Park”. Within five minutes we were in the car on our way. I parked, we got to the Rec, the girls were about to enter the play area when it dawned on all of us that according to the signage on the entrance the girls were too old to play on the equipment. Sure they could have played but as they read the notices they became law abiding citizen so we all went to Starbucks, their default location.

That is it you are now fully up to date on what has been going on at Marston Close Mortgaged Marks Manor. Wishing you a terrific week, oh btw next Monday is Bank Holiday yeahhhhhh so there will not be a Monday morning g e mail next week as we will all start work next week on Tuesday, I just love four day weeks.

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