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  • David J Marks


Happy Monday morning, quick rundown over last week and yesterday, St David’s Day, Daffodils everywhere, two bunches for a pound in Marks and Spencer, probably cheaper in an Aldi or Lidle store £1.

Mother’s Day, I spoilt my Mum, she got four bunches, oh ok I’m being silly, she got much more than that cause I love my Mum. She’s going to be 90 years old in April, she doesn’t look a day over 105 ha, ha. Mum is a week younger than her Majesty The Queen.

It’s all kicking off, in or out referendum, if you think we have got problems, look across the pond, Mr. Trump who would have thought!

Did you go to Confex? I did, Thursday morning got there at 10AM left there at 2PM, the DMC pavilion was pathetic. The MM and Company team and I made a good decision to go with The Meetings Show in June.

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The Meetings Show June 2016 Olympia West London

We have cracked it, MM and Company have in Grand Prix terms secured pole position, we are the first stand on the left hand side of the entrance, everyone coming into the show will have to pass the MM and Company stand.


Clients are always looking for something different, so how about camping in an expedition tent pitched on the Staubai Glacier in the Tyrol Austria. All you need to make this happen is a call or an e mail to Martin or Evelyn at e+o DMC Austria


Agnes, Dori and the team at Microcosmos DMC Budapest tell us that there will be a two day Public Holiday on 14th and 15th March it is to mark 1848 Revolution Memorial Day.


Iceland seems to be the flavour of the month in fact, the flavour of last year and this year, we are keeping Nordic Visitor, the DMC MM and Company has been representing since 2012 extremely busy thanks to you, thank you. If you would like to meet up with Anna Valdimarsdóttir of Nordic Visitor she will be in the UK visiting clients in March, do let me know.

South Africa

Cape Town hosts its very own Jazz Festival on 1st and 2nd April it kicks off on 30th March with as monster Jazz Concert The annual Cape Town International Jazz Festival is the culmination of world-renowned musicians providing a cohesive star-studded line-up. This will be its 16th year - this proudly South African event will be hosted at the Cape Town International Convention Centre. If you need further information or want to plan to attend the Jazz Festival in 2017 please contact Shaun, Brad and the team at The Inside Edge Southern Africa

Leyla and Hannah’s twitter and witter bit of the Monday morning e mail

There is so much that goes on in my house that I simply could not tell you, you either wouldn’t believe it or you would be calling the police not for child abuse but for Daddy abuse. Can you believe this, Leyla has broken her phone again, it was only three or four months ago that I had to repair it, that is it, if it breaks again I’m giving her two cookie tins and a piece of string. Yes, of course I got it repaired because I’m a big softie seriously, the next time she breaks it she is getting a £10 throw away Nokia type phone, I would like to see her break that. Leyla’s not getting her repaired phone back until I have found a titanium case in which to enclose the phone in not titanium then steel or concrete.

The girls tell me that they study better and do their homework better with music or TV programs playing on the screen that they are working from, for me that is nonsense when I studied I had to have silence. If I’m doing a serious piece of work for MM and Company I have to have total silence. I came up with a cunning plan, they were both watching TV doing their homework, I turned the router off. Leyla’s is a sharp cookie, once she had done all the diagnostic tests, she realised that the router was off so she came down went into the garage and turned the router back on. I realized that too late so the next day at 8PM I turned the router off as I warned the children I would do, but this time I unplugged the router unit and took it with me.

A new regime in Marston Close the girls can do homework research from the time they get in from school till 8PM from 8.01PM the internet is off limits

That’s it you are totally up to date, I hope you have an awesome week at work.

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