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  • David J Marks


Happy Monday, I hope you are well, that you had a good weekend OMG what beautiful weather we enjoyed here in the South of England first three days were dry cold sunny with bright blue skies. Wonderful weather, empty roads, no traffic due to half term life could not have been better.

Did you see the start of the BBC 1 series The Night Manager? It is an adaptation of a John Le Carre novel it has the makings of being an excellent six part series, one of stars is the lady detective from Broadchurch who is on excellent form.

OMG the referendum perhaps they should rename it The Hokey Kokey in out in out shake it all about. The one thing going for the stay in party is that people in general do not like change or the unknown, people tend to be risk averse, leaving the EU might be a leap into the dark too far for a lot of people.

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Iceland seems to be the flavour of the month in fact, the flavour of last year and this year, we are keeping Nordic Visitor, the DMC MM and Company has been representing since 2012 extremely busy thanks to you, thank you. If you would like to meet up with Anna Valdimarsdóttir of Nordic Visitor she will be in the UK visiting clients in March, do let me know.

Leyla and Hannah’s twitter and witter bit of the Monday morning e mail

The girls have been away all week, as they left really early on Monday I decided I would tidy up their rooms, make their beds so when they came home they came into a nice tidy space. Whilst tidying up Leyla’s room I realised both of the draws in her cupboard were broken, I fixed them, whilst fixing them I had to clear out her cupboard and without getting into too much detail, I discovered some unsavory things. I would have expected that from a boy child or maybe all teenagers male and female are the same. I dread to see Leyla’s phone bill, she called me seven times on Thursday. I think it’s fair to say she missed me, hummm on second thoughts perhaps she didn’t miss me but had a severe strop on with her mother or sister or perhaps both.

Hannah luckily does not have an iphone yet she has a wi fi enabled iPod so can face time me which she did regularly that meant as soon as she woke up which on Saturday and Sunday was far too early 9AM in Istanbul is 7AM in the UK and 7AM on a Saturday or Sunday is far too early I didn’t know 7AM existed on a Saturday and Sunday until Hannah got her iPod.

Hannah was calling (everyday) to see if the post had arrived with her results from the third school she was after. I again had to tell her that the post does not arrive at 7AM and it for sure does not arrive on a Sunday. Bless her she waited all week the letter with the results of her entrance exam to Emmanuel School finally arrived on Friday she got in to Emmanuel School hooray!! It is the same school Leyla goes to which has its pros and cons. My Mum followed her big sister into the same school and she suggested to Hannah that it wasn’t a good idea to follow her big sister, Hannah took that on board but she still favours Emmanuel I would prefer her to go to the Jewish state School JFS but as yet we do not know if she has a place at JFS if she gets a place then I will have to “sell” JFS to her it is a better school for Hannah and for me for Hannah because it gives her independence from Leyla and it is a bigger school that Hannah will be able to cope with, for me it is state school so no annual fees.

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